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    Even more about coaching

    In previous articles, we wrote about very important elements of coaching – setting the foundation and co-creation of a relationship. Establishing trust and intimacy with a client is as important as the coaching presence. To truly understand [...]
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    How to build a coaching culture in global corporations

    Today, coaching is becoming more of a natural leadership style than ever before. The reason for that is the dramatic change in business ecosystems comprised of three different facets: digital transformation affecting business models, the importance of [...]
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    We’re listening to people to understand their needs

    Ivana Paunović Workplace Experience Manager in Nordeus First of all, tell us something about your position and how is it linked to Human Resources rather than the Real estate business? I work as a Workplace Experience Manager [...]
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    Coaching team thinking and team innovation

    In many companies, innovation is an elusive quality that is either present or not – rather than available as a process that can be trained and managed. Leaders aim for the illusive elixir of ‘team spirit’ when [...]
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    Talent management

    At present, there is a lot of talk about talent management. What is talent management to you? Two things. First, how to spot talent, and second, how to help realize talent itsef. Both of these are quite [...]
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Entrepreneurship as a moving force of the modern era

     Entrepreneurship is not easy to teach. Entrepreneurship is not a pre-determined set of definitions, rules or information that one can just memorize for later. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. It is the way we look at the world, the society and our own role in it. It is also the way we build our work habits and approach to problem solving, the way we adapt to change, the way we respond to innovation and a strong set of values. This is why teaching and preaching about entrepreneurship requires a strong personal entrepreneurial trait. It takes a strong believer and a practitioner that can plant the seed of entrepreneurship, especially in the early years. We’re witnessing an ever-growing movement of entrepreneurial education in Serbia, with more focus being put on the [...]
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Since the emergence of the Internet, people have been enabled to remain in contact, share and receive different information at any time, from anywhere in […]