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    Teamwork makes the dreamwork

      At one of this year’s HR conferences held in Serbia, your presentation on the pleasures of the business was declared the best. With years of work behind you, what values do you put in first in [...]
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    Being a president of ICF Vancouver chapter is very strong position. Could you describe the most important activities that you are doing in this role? Founded in 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global [...]
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    Even more about coaching

    In previous articles, we wrote about very important elements of coaching – setting the foundation and co-creation of a relationship. Establishing trust and intimacy with a client is as important as the coaching presence. To truly understand [...]
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Crosscultural leadership

Diana is a very skilled manager. She works at an international company and has demonstrated excellent people management skills leading a local team in her home country. The leadership team of her business unit together with Human Resources have identified her as a high potential talent and offered her to take a lead of a new team of fifteen individuals of different cultural backgrounds and spread across various countries. While Diana keeps proving her expertise in the field, her team struggles to deliver tasks on time, they operate more like a group of independent individuals rather than a team, some of the team members accuse her of being too directive while others ask for more of her guidance. Diana works hard to prove to the whole leadership team that she was the right [...]
Business knowledge


Since the emergence of the Internet, people have been enabled to remain in contact, share and receive different information at any time, from anywhere in […]

HR Word

Build to Lead!

The Lego® Serious Play® methodology was designed as the response to a very important challenge that LEGO Group encountered in the mid-nineties. The challenge was […]