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    Innovation blocked by company culture

    Lean Startup Summit Explores Innovation Challenges From 3.5k Visitors of 50 Innovation Meetups BERLIN, Nov. 29, 2018 — Creating a culture of entrepreneurship in their company is the biggest innovation challenge corporates face, according to 20 percent [...]
  • Business knowledge

    Teamwork makes the dreamwork

      At one of this year’s HR conferences held in Serbia, your presentation on the pleasures of the business was declared the best. With years of work behind you, what values do you put in first in [...]
  • Coaching

    Even more about coaching

    In previous articles, we wrote about very important elements of coaching – setting the foundation and co-creation of a relationship. Establishing trust and intimacy with a client is as important as the coaching presence. To truly understand [...]
In the Spotlight

Do we really need leaders?

For some time now, it is almost an usual request from all executive levels to build a flat corporate structure regardless the business and the sector. Relatively recent trends are to merger the markets and utilize one management structure to lead few markets. HR teams at all markets are facing the same issue to find mobile managers and executives, willing to travel over 60% of the time and willing to take some business line which is crossing so many others with very wag line of direct or functional responsibility and reporting lines. Corporations are turning more and more into matrix than into any solid structure that generation x is used to. I would say that digitalization made a full disruption of management role and purpose. For sure, we don’t expect any more that [...]
HR Word

Build to Lead!

The Lego® Serious Play® methodology was designed as the response to a very important challenge that LEGO Group encountered in the mid-nineties. The challenge was […]