Page 3 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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                                                               I heard a story about a guy a long time ago

                                                               when life would hit him with a small stone
                                                               from time to time in the desire to draw his
                                                               attention to the fact that he should learn
                                                               the necessary lesson. If he didn’t learn it,
                                                               life would hit him with a brick. Yes, at this
                                                               point it hurts more, but even then a lesson
                                                               is  well  learned.  In  the  end,  if  the  young
                                                               man did not learn the lesson even then,
                                                               life would bring down a rock on him. Life
                                                               simply makes us learn, day in and day out.
                                                               The central theme of this issue is learn-

                                                               ing. More than 15 authors shared their life
                                                               lessons  and  most  valuable  experiences
                                                               with us. Use the summer ahead of you to
           Summer is coming, and it brings us a new            read some of the articles, in addition to
           kind of freshness and relaxation.
                                                               reflecting on the past year and the period
                                                               behind us.
           It is up to us how we will use it.

                                                               See you in October!
           Someone will spend it in casual socializ-
           ing, excursions and the inevitable summer           Stay safe and follow us on:


           Others will stay at home and find a way to         
           recharge their batteries.

           No matter how you spend this summer, it
           is certain that we all want a “normal” life.         Srdjan
           We spent the previous year and a good
           part of this one locked in our homes, with

           limited movement and avoiding socializ-
           ing and gatherings. We all had the oppor-
           tunity to learn the lesson that life offered

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