Katia Tandon, a Senior Scrum Master, Agile & Business Coach with over 20 years of business experience, seamlessly integrates her background in psychology and psychotherapy into her work in IT. Her unique perspective fosters collaboration and innovation, driving meaningful change within teams. Beyond her IT role, Katia runs a private psychotherapy practice, leveraging her expertise to navigate complex team dynamics with empathy and insight. With a multidisciplinary approach, Katia bridges the gap between technology and human behavior, empowering teams to achieve their full potential in today's interconnected business landscape.


Adrian is a “never stop learning” type of person. He learns every day from the teams and individuals he interacts with.
His philosophy is about helping people working in complex organizational environments overcome their fear of change and facilitate their problem-solving abilities.

He is a Certified Team Coach (CTC) by Scrum Alliance and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the ICF.

He created and organized, together with a group of volunteers, “Agile Coach Camp Romania” event.
He is deeply connected to the European agile community.

In 2023 Adrian was a speaker at “Agile 2023 Scotland Experience” conference in Edinburgh.


Irena Cvetic is an experienced business analyst with a strong agile and coaching mindset. Her love towards business analysis doesn’t stop her from exploring the world of agile and coaching. She is passionate about solving the business problems and driving the changes which help the clients and organizations achieve their goals. She uses her inner drive to make things more efficient and improve anything worth improving. Irena is Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master and Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitator. She has received a Practitioner Diploma of Executive Coaching issued by Academy of Executive Coaching.

Kubair Shrazee is an Agile practitioner and co-founder of Peace Through Prosperity which operates in Pakistan, Egypt and Yemen, from a UK HQ. PTP operates in conflict-affected and marginalised communities to enable individuals to become self-sufficient and grow their ideas into viable businesses. The initiative runs mini-MBA programmes for microentrepreneurs to educate on finance, budgeting, branding and more, to support them out of poverty and away from the threat of radicalisation. The programmes offer a one-stop-shop for street traders to learn the skills to build their trade into a thriving business.

Aleksandar Basrak is an Agile and Professional coach with experience in all SDLC stages. This experience has brought home to him the issues engineers and their leaders face in modern software development, and he has used these insights to adjust his approach. He has led teams towards excellence by promoting openness in communication and transparency in decision-making. His background in experimental physics has taught him how to validate hypotheses through experiments and use empiricism to get meaningful insights. Supporting people to be more successful in their work and helping organizations meet their goals is what deeply motivates him. Besides enabling teams and leaders, he is passionate about chasing after his pets, good reads, and hiking.

Jenni Jepsen works as a transformation guide at Denmark-based goAgile. She is recognized for her work in change leadership and pragmatic Agile. Jenni trains, consults and speaks worldwide about leadership, making Agile work, and how to take advantage of how our brains function to create work environments where people thrive. She runs Intent-Based Leadership courses together with award-winning author of Turn the Ship Around! L. David Marquet and created the Agile Leadership Mindset Assessment on comparativeagility.com. Jenni is also co-author of the book TOGETHER: How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done.

Dr. Damian Goldvarg has thirty years of experience providing executive
coaching, leadership training, and facilitation in over fifty countries. He is a
Master Certified Coach and received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant University. He is an Accredited Coach Supervisor (ESIA) and Accredited Team Coach (ACTC) and facilitates certifications in Professional Coaching, Team Coaching, and Coaching Supervision in English and Spanish.
He was the 2013-2014 International Coach Federation Global President. Damian published eight books on Coaching related topics and several book chapters. He was the recipient of the 2018 ICF Circle of Distinction Award for his contribution to the coaching profession worldwide.

Mikko Hämäinen is the CEO of Druid, a Finnish software company. He has a 20 year background in the software business and has worked the past 10 years in business development and creating an agile organization. He is an advocate of agility and self management and has a passion for lifelong learning.

Dr Etienne van der Walt is an experienced consultant neurologist, CEO and co-founder of Neurozone. Etienne has been leading Neurozone for a decade in its research quest to synthesize the various neurosciences and systems thinking into an emergent knowledge-and insight-base for coaches and organizations who are serious about the credibility of the science of high performance resilience. At the core of this drive is his vision to provide the dynamic, data-informed behavioral solution for precision wellbeing platforms, a solution that informs all the Neurozone tools and services. As a seasoned lecturer and teacher, Etienne has an avid capability to simplify the complex for everyday application.