Corporate innovation conference

For the second year in the row, ICT Hub has organized a big conference about innovation in Belgrade, on Tuesday the 22nd of October.

The conference was opened by Kosta Andrić, managing partner @ ICT Hub.
Almost 400 participants had an opportunity to see a front room with the exhibitors from the field of innovation.

The opening keynote speaker was Philip Horvath, Culture Catalyst and Planetary Strategist, partner at LUMAN. His topic was: Search for new business models.
Lots of useful tips and tricks Philip presented on the stage. How to transform an organization, the key elements, and actions.
Crucial things in every transformation are culture and leadership.
By Philip, the culture consists of Archetypes, Values, Stories, Language, Symbols, and Rituals.
The second thing is leadership and values that describe a new kind of leader are: Creation, Vision, Expression, Accountability, Learning, Empathy, Embodiment.

After the short break, the second speaker was Sandra Nešić, Program Manager @ICT Hub. Her topic was: How to co-create a better future. Very useful presentation with one key message: “Today’s success is the enemy of tomorrow’s success.”

Attendees at the conferences are always eager to hear real, true stories about innovation and transformation. For that kind of story, using case studies, were in charge Manu Vollens, New business designer, co-founder switchrs and Afonso Rebelo De Sousa, Corporate venture builder at Bundle.
Manu has presented Case study– Lessons learned from building 10 corporate startup, very practical and useful tips&tricks.
The second case study presenter was Afonso, and he presented how to build corporate startup from A to Z.

After the lunch break, Dušan Vukanović, Innovation And Business Development Director @ICT Hub has presented a short overview of the state of corporate innovation in Serbia.

He also moderated panel discussion: How corporations in Serbia innovate
His guest were Jeff McCroskey NCR Vice President Global Managed Services; Natali Delić, CTO, VIP Mobile and A1 Slovenija

Very hectic agenda after that with more case studies and shared learnings from the corporate world:

OTP Lab case, Group Corporate innovation through internal lab presented by Milena Mićanović, Head of Marketing and PR Department at Vojvođanska Banka

Fireside chat: Roche transformation – from global initiative to local impact by Ana Govedarica, General Manager at Roche and Dejan Ranđić, Co-Founder of ICT Hub and General Manager at DNA Communications

Closing keynote: In the end, innovation is all about people by Shawn Ardaiz, Founder at Kokoro GmbH / Regenerative Entrepreneur

In the end, Kosta did the conference wrap-up and thanked both the participants and ICT Hub organizational team.

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