Keep up the momentum conference

For the fifth time in a row, Belgrade was a host of a regional coaching conference, organized by Atria and this year in cooperation with PCM and HR World. This time, the topic was momentum and its influence in everything we do, both in personal or business life. A cozy environment in Hotel Metropol, and great speakers too.
The first keynote speaker was Jonathan Passmore, with “Keep up the Momentum” with change. He said that coaching is a journey to development. He presented a 10 step plan for every organization, how to develop a coaching culture. His presentation was really interesting and way of presenting very amusing. Schedule a coaching project while you are waiting in a coffee line, for example. He also emphasises that team should consist of people with different skills and mindset in order to gain its maximum.
After that, Lyra Puspa has Kept the Momentum with Science. Very impressive talk and presentation about the human brain and the way it works. She’s got proven method of how coaching influences the human brain. Also, you can optimize your brain through coaching. She has also talked about neuroplasticity and explained an unusual effect that people develop the same set of muscles no matter if you practice or just imagine that you practice. We learned about PEA and NEA coaching, opposite approach with a focus on hope and strength or gap and weakness.
We should all Keep up the momentum with our Inner Self. That was the topic presented by Mickael Dufourneaud. He presented 6 different types of personality in a very interesting way, through acting. We all have those six personalities, but some of them are more native to us than the others. By recognition of what kind of personality is the strongest in your coachee, a coach could much more easily create a report and find the most suitable communication channel.

What is your personal brand? We all need to Keep Up the Momentum with Influence. But how to leverage personal branding in the corporate world. A very interesting presentation held by Nelson Emilio. Picture got attention, but context is crucial for branding. We shouldn’t be Aloe Vera, targeting all the population in the world. We should choose and communicate to one specific niche, in order to gain maximum influence on them.
In the end, the conference was closed by Predrag Jovanović. He had a really impressive presentation: Identity journey. A lot of hard questions were asked: Who are you? What is more probable, past or future? According to Pedja, the key question is: Who are you becoming? Knowing the answer to that question could help you on your personal development journey.


At the conference were performed three workshops:
1) Personality-based practice, held by Dragana Miletić

2) Creative coaching, held by Marija Branovački and Bojana Vesić Antić

3) Coaching through design thinking, held by Milica Pićurić and Nikola Rajić

Attendants have got very practical and useful tools that can use in daily coaching practice.

What is the next topic for the conference? Could we get something even more energizing than Momentum?
We should wait until next year and find out.

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