4th Agile Serbia Conference

For the fourth time in the row, Agile Serbia had organized a conference, the biggest agile event in this region of Europe. The mayor note for this event was “let discover how Agile makes the difference creating the whole new world of opportunities In & Beyond IT”.

This time, the “star” of the conference and keynote speaker was Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of the SCRUM. The activity and lecturers were organized on three stages: Epic, Dev and Exe stages.

But, first thing first.



The conference was organized at the Madlenianum palace, Belgrade. Before the conference, one day earlier was a pre-conference day, with Miloš Zeković and his workshop about basic terms of Agility and Scrum.

After really fast registration, well organized, the attendees had the opportunity to refresh before the official start.

As we said previously, the first keynote speaker was Jeff Sutherland. His lecture was about SCRUM and how can we apply it in daily work. The topic was “Scrum@scale: Enterprise agility”. He shared with the audience a lot of useful tips&tricks regarding Scrum@scale.



The second speaker was Sander Hoogendoorn, a consultant, software craftsman, and architect. “It’s a small world after all” was really interesting view at the changes that we facing in our real business world.

Riina Hellstrom, with “Agile HR – Redesigning the performance management in tech organizations” topic showed how companies could implement an agile way of work in HR.

At the main stage, called Epic, keynote speakers also were:


David Evans – “Getting the most out of Your SBE, BDD and ATDD artefacts”

Stefan Tilkov – “Architecture, Organization, Processes – and Humans”

Aino Corry – “Lessons Learned in Agile Transformations”

Mirko Kleiner – “How to increase in Time-to-Market in sourcing up to 400%”

DEV stage was reserved for Q&A for speakers on Epic stage, and also there were very useful workshops:

Miloš Zeković – “Leadership development program – created and delivered with Agile HR”

David Evans – “Adopting Agile in business settings (without heavy IT development)?”

Ivan Avdić – “How to fit security testing in each sprint?”

Ana Roje Ivančić -“DevOps Transformation in Microsoft – Case Study”

The third stage, Exe stage, was really “exe”. A very useful workshop for everyone:

Miroslav Aničin – “Experiencing PI Planning”

Predrag Rajković – “Design Sprint, A Way To Solve Critical Problems”

Marko Majkić – “Master Coaching Techniques to Boost Your Team”

In the end, you can’t make a short report from this event. Every topic had real value for someone who needs help doing agile. At least, for the others to provoke to change mindset and way how do they doing business.

Perfect organization, great organizers, pleasant environment.

A lot of snacks, coffee, drinks even a bear (0.0% of alcohol) make this event worth to visit and attend.

Until the next Agile Serbia conference, stay Agile!

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