Page 13 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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“Good Enough To Go” idea: a confluence page         many  more,  including  the  Train-the-Trainer
           with 2 sections (“I am offering” and “I need”)      for HR on career coaching, so they provide
           where everyone was part of it with an invitation    1:1 coaching.
           to develop it further where necessary. No
           planning, no agreements, no                         Basically, in a truly agile spirit  the

           deadlines,  no  coordination,                       employees  started  organizing themselves
           no bureaucracy!                                     for themselves. It is energizing to see
                                                               how everyone  is  an  expert  and, within  the

                                                               environment  of trust, how  people  take  the
           Day by day, people have been  posting new
           courses with constantly growing participant         courage to go out of their comfort zone into
           lists, sharing the calendar with all activities     the learning zone and facilitate a workshop
           in  place. Few weeks  later, everyone  is  still    they never thought  they would/could do.
                                                               The learning happens on so
           talking about it: so far over 30 different work-
           shops have been offered with more than 30%          many levels at the same time
           employees  participating! We got fast-line          and it accelerates further

           trained in Confluence, Jira, OneNote, Invest-       every day.
           ments,  Digital  Marketing,  Mindfulness  and

                                                                                                          13 13

                                                                                                     photo: property of ING
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