Page 9 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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The last tight is where the leader is following
           up and reflecting with their team on agreed

           targets. This is where, once again, psycho-
           logical  safety becomes  important.  In  this
           phase, it is important to reflect on learnings

           from successes and failures. Thus, there
           needs to be a culture  of learning in  place,
           avoiding only reporting back  numbers. A

           culture where an open dialogue takes place,
           feedback  is  given, coaching  environment,         been closed. There are employees that live
           and continuous learning is created.                 in smaller homes where family and their par-

                                                               ents all live together. Where do you then find

           MAINTAIN EMPLOYEES’                                 space to get work done from home?
                                                               Therefore, we have regular “pulse surveys”
           The pandemic has meant a big change for             asking  employees  to give  us  feedback  on

           me personally in terms of my way of work.           motivation, care & concerns, and productiv-
           Before  the  pandemic, I travelled between          ity.  Our learnings from these are:
           Sweden and Norway every week, and I visited

           our five Asian Business Units about twice per       • We have launched digital tools like Micro-
           year. Since March 2020, I have not travelled,       soft Teams so employees can stay connect-
           and I have been working from my home in             ed and collaborate

           Sweden. My biggest personal learning from
           this is: Thanks to good video tools and a pos-      • We have given employees access to links

           itive mindset from all, it works well enough        for advice on exercises that can be done at
           for me!  Yes, of course, I miss meeting my          home, and  ergonomic  recommendations
           colleagues, the chit chats at the coffee ma-        when working from home; this to encourage

           chine, and the travelling. We as a company          well being
           have learned that a flexible way of work is the

           new standard.                                       •  We  encourage  leaders  to have  frequent
                                                               catchups with all employees
           However,  not  all  employees  have  the  lux-      We are all in this together. It is a continuous

           ury of having space in a house where kids           learning journey. It is about trusting each oth-
           no longer live at home, as I do. There are, of      er, listening, dare to try new things, dare to
           course, employees with small kids that need         fail, learn from that, and try again!

           to be  nurtured when  kinder gardens  have

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