Page 12 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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           ACCELERATED LEARNING                                With INGs recent decision to withdraw its Re-
                                                               tail Business from Austrian market, a move
           Important to foster the learning is, however,       affecting over 300 employees, this initiative
           the ability to slow down, create space for con-     has become crucial in connecting people.
           nection and reflection, to be able to explore,
           experiment,  create  and  innovate.    Learning     After  the  first  shock  was  digested  some-

           always goes together with  self-awareness           thing  magical  happened.  A  human  act  of
           and self-reflection. Those learnings are sus-       kindness in that difficult moment re-initiated
           tainable.  Some  organizations  spent  more         this “Sharing is Caring Initiative” in a new and
           and some  less  focus  on  that  -  and this  is    remarkable way. Sparked through the com-

           what makes the difference!
                                                               passion  and  vulnerability  coming  from our
                                                               management board while answering hun-
           Sharing is caring – we are all experts
                                                               dreds of employee’s questions in ‘Open Mic’

                                                               Sessions, the willingness of the colleagues
           Our recent example of accelerated learning          to  support  each  other has  bloomed.  HR
           is the development of what we call “Sharing         lived up truly to  “people before process” and
           is Caring”. In a nutshell, it is a well-planned in-  joined its forces with us, the agile coaches,
           itiative, where on monthly basis people share       to do something for every employee – this all

           expertise, tools or topics of interest with oth-    in an atmosphere of trust.
           ers, usually in a 30 minutes call. Everyone is
           invited to share and to participate.
                                                               With  that  high  energy,  we  presented  in  the

                                                               “Sharing is Caring” session our newly arisen

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