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basis for experimentation and growth, you           “LEARNING 2.0”
           will experience something I call the Acceler-
           ated Learning.                                      In addition to traditional learning we at ING see
                                                               a continuous improvement as part of our DNA.
           “LEARNING 1.0”                                      Learning from an agile point of view is based
                                                               on games, exercises, experiments, discus-
           My learning journey at ING started with the         sions, co-creating together as well as learning
           various  onboarding  sessions  and  invitation      from and with each other. There is a lot of flexi-

           of our HR with the words “if you need some-         bility and playfulness in and around it.
           thing  don’t  search  for it, just  reach  out.”  It
           was an open statement that “it is ok not to         At the team level there are bi-weekly retrospec-
           know”.                                              tives or for example pair programming’s. Addi-

                                                               tionally in various communities of practice we
           Next to our intranet and buddy program, we          gather experts to discuss topics of interests ,
           use traditionally organized trainings from our      new tools or how to get better in what they do
           learning academy on data privacy, fraud and         – to work on their craftsmanship.

           Fit4Bank  series  for the  newcomers  to the
           banking. Those are organized in a way that          Furthermore, on the organization level, we reg-
           you  get  information  divided  in  small  parts    ularly  have  different  activities  to  foster  inno-
           and followed by quizzes, so it is easy for our      vation and creativity  like bar- and innovation

           brain to take and absorb it.                        camps as well as brainstorming sessions with
                                                               different tools. Here we encourage “yes, and…”
                                                               conversations being in the explorer mood on

                                                               the innovation journey.
                                                               Learning 2.0 is an outcome

                                                               of the environment and

                                                               processes              we        created,
                                                               of  making  things  visible,
                                                               think          creatively            about

                                                               the solutions and make

                                                               decisions based on those
                                                               discussion,                    customer
                                                               feedback and reflection.

                                       photo: property of ING

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