Page 10 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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           KATERINA LJUMIC-JANCEVA, Agile Coach at ING
           Vienna, Austria

                                                               If you are passionate about your work, ideas
                                                               are coming your way all the time.

                                                               Learning  doesn’t  need  to  feel  forceful  and

                                                               hard, it can happen with ease, on the go.  We
                                                               all learn differently: some people learn bet-
                                                               ter when they read, some in training rooms
                                                               or watching videos, some when they reflect

                                                               in a group, some alone and some when it is

                                                               At ING we approach learning on different

                                                               levels in offering and creating variety of
                                                               possibilities, where everyone can get active
                                                               to learn whether is it in the squads, teams,
                                                               chapters, tribes, circles, among leaders or in
                                        photo: property of ING
                                                               communities. From ING Learning portal over
           As John Holt said “Learning                         leadership  dialogues,  retrospectives,  rock-
                                                               et groups, bar- and innovation boot camps,
           is  not  the  product  of                           LeadING Agile Nuggets, online and in class
           teaching.  Learning  is  the                        … it is difficult not to get involved by that va-

           product of the activity of the                      riety.
           learners.”  We could add: “It

           is a choice we make to get                          We can maybe classify learning in organiza-
           better  in  what  we  do.  We                       tions in two categories: Traditional tools and

           get better, as we learn new                         methods or Learning 1.0. and/or a Creative
           things,  experiment  with  it                       one or Learning 2.0. If you spend time in do-

           and reflect upon them.”                             ing  the  groundwork,  raise  self-reflection  in
                                                               teams and leadership AND build trust as the

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