Page 8 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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from our leaders, particularly when they are        what to do. It is about being a great coach
           not physically able to meet their teams?  We        empowering the employees to come up with

           needed a leadership story!                          their  own  solutions,  thus  allowing  them to
           We rolled out the concept Tight-Loose-Tight

           (TLT) to all leaders. The first tight is about      Absolute  key is  for the  leader to create
           being clear on purpose, strategy, and goals,        psychological safety in the team. This means
           and how each employee can contribute to             creating an environment where everyone feels

           reaching the required results. Thus, leaders        safe to speak up about challenges, mistakes,
           need to break down company strategy into            and learnings from those mistakes, be open
           a more granular strategy for their area of re-      on how to mitigate and possibly change the

           sponsibility.  We  saw from workshops  with         course  of  action.  I  personally  believe  that
           leaders  that  there  was  a  need  to develop      an  environment  with  psychological  safety

           leaders further in strategic thinking, commu-       is crucial to allow a learning culture. And,
           nication, and storytelling.                         I  have  during  the  last  year
                                                               seen  many  brave  Telenor

           The loose is about giving employees full au-        leaders that have allowed
           tonomy and trust so they can perform their          themselves to be vulnerable,

           work without micro management. The lead-            to be open, and say that they
           er should ensure  the employees  have the           are  on  a  learning  journey
           required tools, and rather be a good coach.         together with their team.

           Leadership  is  not  about  telling  employees

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