Page 7 - Business Coaching #11 - JUN 2021
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When I thought of the subject of this article       Through what we call the 40-hour challenge,
           -Learning -  I could not  avoid connecting it       we encourage all our employees to each

           to what I personally, and what Telenor, have        spend at least 40 hours per year in learning
           learned from the last 15 months of the pan-         and developing themselves. This is a way for
           demic. If I focus on work impact, we at Tel-        Telenor to shape tomorrow’s workforce. The

           enor have seen most of our 18000+ employ-           initiative, which we rolled out globally back
           ees in Nordic and Asia having to work from          in 2018, is both driven and strongly support-
           home. At the beginning, we asked ourselves          ed by Telenor Executive Management Team

           what impact this would have on employees            and is also a KPI for leaders. Together with
           and Telenor as an employer. In this article, I      an  external  partner, we  have  launched  an
           will focus on:                                      online  Telenor  Academy  with  a  broad  port-

           • Ensure continued engagement in up- and            folio of opportunities to both upskill and re-
           reskilling employees                                skill  ourselves.  Employees  are  encouraged

           • Give leaders tools to lead even when not be-      to choose from the Telenor Academy online
           ing able to physically meet their teams             learning platform themselves.
           • Maintain employees’ motivation                    What  we  have seen as  a learning from

                                                               implementing  the  40-hour challenge  is
                                                               that the focus has shifted in a very positive
           ENSURE CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT                         way; from having this  is  a  pure  number
           IN UP- AND RESKILLING                               KPI of reaching 40  hours  of learning in

                                                               the  very  early  stage  of  implementation,  to

           Telenor is  in  the  connectivity  business,        organizations and leaders now focusing on
           and  we  strongly  believe  that  we  can  really   creating a real learning culture.  For example,

           Empower Societies and connect YOU to what           creating a culture of daring to fail and learn
           matters most. To do this, we need to be at          from  mistakes,  creating  psychology  safety
           the forefront of technological development,         so that everyone feels safe to speak up, and

           constantly innovating and  exploring for            challenge.  It is only then we can
           the  benefit  of  customers  and  societies.        learn…for real!
           Therefore, it is so important

           for us to make sure all our                         GIVE LEADERS TOOLS TO LEAD
                                                               EVEN WHEN NOT BEING ABLE TO
           employees  can  continue                            PHYSICALLY MEET THEIR TEAMS
           developing, up-skill and re-

           skill  themselves  despite                          One  of the  biggest  learnings  for Telenor,
                                                               when so many of our employees  have to
           working from home.
                                                               work from home, was that we were lacking
                                                               a simple way of clarifying what is expected

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