Dare to innovate

A team, as a group of individuals, has a really big impact on business.

No matter how big a business is, the team is a crucial factor in it. Leaders, however, often have no time to deal with team members’ problems. One reason why so many managers say that coaching is priceless to them is the time it gives them for thinking. How do they use that ’’thinking time“?

Nowadays, the most precious use of that time is to use it for creativity and innovation. But, why do we need innovation, and how can we apply it? Innovation brings a new perspective to your business and helps you to differentiate from your competition. Innovation can help you to run your business more efficiently.

One thing which is definitely true is – no innovation no change. You need innovation to beat your fears, your own demons. Those could be the fear of success, the fear of the unknown, or of something else.

In coaching, the powerful questions the coach asks bring light into darkness:
“What if you succeed?”
“Just imagine you get what you want from your business – what is it like?”
“Imagine there was no fear – what do you see now?”

One of the biggest mistakes in business is to put an equation mark between innovation and digitalization. To simplify a process without using any digital tools is also a form of innovation. Even the opposite process, giving up digitalization, may produce better results. Does this sound impossible?

Also, there are a lot of consultants who help corporations to be more innovative. It is a very modern topic in discussions about the future of business. How can we measure the impact of innovation? How can we estimate the Return on Investment (RoI) for the whole process?

Now, back to the team again. One of the best tools to use in work with teams is team coaching. If innovation is a spark for the change, coaching is the wind that intensifies this fire.

How does coaching support innovation?

Well, the key requirement for an innovation process is for people in a company and their leaders to want to innovate something. We need to prepare them to understand the inevitability of change. This is a very complex and time-consuming process. But without preparation, we fail for sure. From that moment, when they are ready for change, onwards – team coaching is the most powerful people development tool. Because coaching always supports change. Team coaching extracts the best from the team and returns multiplied synergy. Team coaching supports innovative thinking, creativity and of course very fast execution. In team coaching, a coach creates a safe environment for all team members. That is the biggest similarity between team coaching and the environment that supports creativity and innovation. That is the reason why in team coaching a team may find the best and the most creative solution. That is why a team is the most crucial factor in a business.

A team can ignite innovation only in a safe environment that a team coach provides.

In the end, coaching in business can also be innovative in many ways. Trying to see a solution from another coaching perspective may be quite challenging too. In a creative business, coaching must be creative too. A team coach should break the bonds which stop him or her from doing team coaching in a totally innovative way. No matter which coaching technique a coach has learned to use, he has the freedom to invent and adapt the technique to the client. In everyday business, do not allow routines to gain control of your business.

Think creatively, act innovatively.

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