Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019-day 1

First day:

They say that Global Scrum Gathering is the largest gathering of people who use Scrum in their daily work, but also of people who are involved in agile transformation. This year, Vienna had the opportunity to host over 1000 participants at this prestigious three-day conference.

At the very entrance, a line. Although there were many places to register, people were patiently waiting in a line. Registration is fast and you are immediately greeted by a gift – a bag full of useful working tools and tools for active participation in the conference.

In front of the entrance to the large hall (Strauss), there were booths with exhibitors and sponsors. The hall was full of people eager for learning and new knowledge.

The conference starts at 9 am sharp, addressing Howard Sublett and Melissa Boggs. A very inspiring talk about transformation within the Scrum Alliance and the mission and vision that the organization has.

Vision: A world of work that is joyful, prosperous, and sustainable
Mission: Inspire and guide individuals and organizations with agile principles, practices, and values

A great message at the beginning: These three days can change your life. Are you ready?
Afterward, the European Gathering Team was introduced, the people responsible for the entire event. The program, content, and lecturers for the next three days were also presented.

Later, Alex Ostervalder addressed the audience with the theme “Testing business ideas”. A great lecture with very interactive exercises that caught the attention of all the participants of the conference.

After that, lectures and workshops begin, simultaneously at 8 different locations at the Vienna Messe Convention Center.

Brian Milner spoke on “Setting a Solid Foundation for Your Agile Transformation.” With so much being written about agile transformation these days, Brian Milner decided to address the destination of each agile transformation and how it looks. He described the key steps in agile transformation and what to pay attention to based on his experience.

After a short break, we attended a workshop led by Olaf Lewitz, with quite an interesting title, “Unruly and Ferocious: Coaching as if it Mattered”. According to Olaf, coaching is a conversation that can change one’s life. If it doesn’t, then it’s not coaching. Lots of interaction, conversation, and discussion, all through the prism of coaching.

Workshops continue, the group is addressed by Karim Harbott on “Supercharge Your Employee Engagement” and first outlines the frightening fact that only 13% of people are really involved in the business of their company and are genuinely interested. In contrast, almost 20% are completely dissatisfied and constantly sabotage the business of the firm. The biggest problem is when these people work in teams and bring a bad atmosphere to the collective.

In the next workshop, Franz Hofer introduces Adaptive Banking and how a complete Scrum methodology can be used for agile transformation. He described in very useful detail the transformation at a large Austrian bank.

At the end of the working hours, by 5 pm, we had the opportunity to hear Cherie Silas talk about powerful coaching and how by pushing the boundaries we can build better teams.

From 6 pm, the organizers called for “boarding” of participants and a tour of The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE (Das GARTENPALAIS Liechtenstein). We were there participants of a great event called “Monday Mingle”. Lots of positive energy, fun, and laughter to end a successful day.

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