Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019-day 2

Day 2:

The following day, a completely different face of the conference. The layout of the large Strauss Hall was completely different as well. Everything was all set for the participants who wanted to hold a workshop, present their idea to the audience and invite them to join their lecture.

During the next hour, we had the opportunity to listen to 80 passionate presenters and their ideas.

At the end of the Open Space section, all presenters posted their own poster where their workshop would be held.

The entire facilitation of this massive presentation was moderated by an experienced professional, Dr. Bruce Scharlau.

After a short break, the workshops began. A very condensed agenda and a lot of content that visitors could see. It was very difficult to decide between the many topics that were “offered” on the wall. I will mention only a few: Agile Transformation, Agile Coaching, Agile Games, Leadership, and many others.

We also had the opportunity to attend an open session about Scrum Alliance guided by Melissa Boggs (Chief ScrumMaster) and Howard Sublett (Chief Product Owner). They spoke about the company’s recent organizational transformation, moving from traditional departments to community-focused teams. They also shared the company’s vision and plans for the future.

We were trying to visit as many workshops as possible, and it is simply impossible to describe the atmosphere and energy that filled the entire Wien Messe, so we will share a few pictures:

pic. 1

pic. 2

pic. 3

A special treat for all people full of ideas and the desire for success was the Coaching Clinic, where over 20 agile coaches from around the world worked pro bono coaching sessions for 15 minutes to help those interested understand where they were headed.

For the very end, Happy hour was organized, where participants had the opportunity to meet as many people as possible and exchange ideas in an optional atmosphere, with drinks and food. The murmur of people, tired but with glowing faces, is only part of the atmosphere at the very end of the second day of the big Scrum gathering in Vienna.

Enough talk about tomorrow, the third and the last day. Expectations are high and the challenge for the organizers is to fulfill them as much as possible.

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