Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019-day 3

Day 3:

As expected, the third day announces new thrills.

Starting at 9 am, great workshops and lectures took place and it was really difficult for the participants to decide who to choose. There was a little something for everyone:

  • Lectures on how to create a safe environment for team growth and development
  • Radical innovation
  • Agility of corporations
  • Product ownership
  • Leader in you: Short series of testimonials of people becoming leaders

After that, we had the opportunity to attend the lecture of prof. dr. Arne Ahlandera, who talked about self-organizing teams. The room was too small to accommodate everyone interested.


After lunch, great workshops are organized:

  • How to overcome cognitive barriers with the help of visualization
  • Release strategies in corporations
  • Transformation from the angle of Telco industry
  • How to coach great teams

However, one of the most interesting topics was Agile Games. The special charm was that the groups were limited to 24 visitors, so we had to take a seat an hour before the start. A phenomenally invested time to be reminded of the importance of using agile games when working with teams, as this creates a safe work and learning environment.

Although huge, the Strauss Hall was too small to accommodate all those who came to the closing ceremony, started by the members of the European organizing team.

Later, we had the privilege of attending a lecture on “Fun, Fear and Focus” by the brilliant Friederike Fabritius, PhD in Neuroscience. In 45 minutes she managed to maintain a great level of involvement of all visitors, proving scientifically why 3Fs are crucial for both business and private success.

Finally, again Melissa Boggs and Howard Sublett, who ran out on stage, bringing the atmosphere in the hall to a boiling point. The retrospective of the previous three days had changed. There were a lot of mixed emotions. People wanted to put their knowledge to work with their teams as soon as possible. On the other hand, no one wanted to leave this temple of good energy and learning.

What’s to say in the end? Lots of impressions, many mixed feelings, lots of good energy, learning, fun, socializing, supporting, innovating, challenging the status quo…

And we could go on like this for days…

Every story has its end, but not this one. This reunion was just the beginning of our journey into the world of Agile, Scrum and coaching. A warm recommendation for anyone able to take time for themselves and attend the next conference, which is to be held in October next year, in Lisbon.

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