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Group coaching is an innovative approach to business coaching, which uses a unique group environment in order to strengthen professional and personal empowerment of all the participants. Workshops can be customized for every particular group, which means that the participants can choose topics of direct relevance to them at the moment. There are a lot of opportunities to participate in group coaching, such as programs for female leaders, start-up businesses or business owners. The frequency of meetings depends on the participants’ needs and business goals. In some cases, advanced online platforms can be used as virtual group coaching.

In group coaching the relationship between the coach and clients is crucial for success. As a concept, it provides support to business leaders in increasing profitability, revenues, sales, and team efficiency, as well as in leadership development, strategic planning and business optimization. This method gives opportunity to the participants to exchange experiences tested in practice in the form of a ‘round table’ or a Peer Advisory Group. Working with business leaders from non-competitive industries (‘peer to peer’ collaboration) assures developing better conversation dynamics, as well as integration of experience and knowledge. In a group coaching process, business leaders have to commit themselves and apply in their work environment action steps created during the workshops. The analyses and insights from the workshops are the starting point for the business leader to talk to their employees when determining areas for improvement in everyday business processes.

In order to achieve the best results in group coaching, a business leader’s openness is needed for a change process to happen; also necessary are his or her readiness to take responsibility for decisions and results, as well as determination and perseverance in decision making, exchange of knowledge and experience with group members, mutual respect, support and trust.

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1. Improving working skills and leadership culture within the organization;
2. Creating new business relationships in a supportive environment;
3. Developing business with experienced business leaders who set and achieve high goals;
4. Learning creative techniques and skills;
5. Working on alternative management principles;
6. Overcoming difficult current challenges;
7. Business leaders as mentors who ‘push’ you to change; and
8. Giving feedback in the next coaching session.

Picture 2 Coaching techniques in development of business leaders

Workshops of this kind are available in 30 countries worldwide, and you can experience how they work in Serbia in workshops held by Tatjana Mamula Nikolić, ACC ICF. Tatjana has over 25 years of professional experience in research, marketing and management. She has been the director of the research agency MASMI for many years. She has been active in the field of training, coaching and mentoring since 2013, and in 2015 she started her own company – ACT2B She applies coaching principles and methods of experiential learning to working with business leaders, women entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, individuals and teams. She is persistent, curious, and always ready for challenging destinations, new cultures and customs.

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