INTERVIEW Jovan Boljevic

Mr. Boljevic, you have been in the position of HR Director “Lovcen insurance” for a couple of years now. As you look back to this time, what was your biggest challenge at the beginning?

Lovćen insurance AD is a part of Triglav group and for that fact the first challenge was to get familiar with Triglav’s work performance system, to the group’s standards and strive to implement the acquired competences and experience to the values of the Triglav group. Human resources are a significant segment of every company, therefore it is essential to learn about the organizational structure of the company and regular work performance as well as with the culture of the company.

Along with the HR tasks, the additional challenge was taking up general affairs that cover a wide range of responsibilities that are not directly related to HR duties. It was primarily challenging to find out how the general affairs department operates in order to achieve the improvement of these operations in the company.

During this time, your function has evolved and changed responsibilities. What are the key activities you are currently dealing with as HR Director? What are your functions as a Director of General Affairs?

Along with the regular job duties in the HR domain, key activities are focused on the implementation of the strategy of the Triglav Group, which reflects on the organizational culture development, i.e. improve employee satisfaction and higher work performance. These measures include coaching, soft skill development training and professional education, thus encouraging employees’ mobility within the Triglav Group.

One significant segment is establishing an optimal organizational structure through the work processes evaluation. Also, one of the things I am proud of is a project of targeted leadership, aimed at linking rewards for achieving goals, which contributes to better productivity and respect for the work of each employee.

The general affairs that I perform cover a wide range of duties such as, procurement, purchase orders and the company’s account control, supplier management, business projects investments, a vehicle fleet management, etc.

Continual human development is indispensable for the company to survive in today’s dynamic environment. What are your team’s activities now?

Investing in people and the development of their personnel potential is certainly an investment in the company. It is in line with that we strive to identify as essential, promising resources and directing their career paths towards their personal growth in line with the best interest of the company. One way is through our mentoring and shadowing system.

Present activities are being developed into the direction of training and education, adjusted to the needs of Lovćen Insurance AD, as well as coaching of the management personnel.

How often do you organize internal training for your employees?

Lovćen insurance is a company oriented towards clients and insurance development business. In this sense, in cooperation with our holding company, we organized the training of internal trainers, who were trained to organize internal trainings, in accordance with the requirements of the work and the organization of the work performance.

Also, digitalization itself imposes some new ways of work in the field of HR, and in that direction, we introduced the E-learning application, prepared the organization of internal training and education, in accordance with the needs of the company. The idea is that employees, through prepared presentations, get acquainted and trained with a new product or method of work more quickly. After seeing presentations, the employees complete a test and check the acquired knowledge on their own. In this way, they apply the acquired knowledge more quickly and efficiently.

Does your HR teamwork at this time on some exciting new projects?

Our HR team is involved with all strategic projects important for the company. Namely, we are currently engaged in several projects such as the realization of goals defined by the Strategy for the period 2019-2022, the development of the Company’s culture, the digital skills of employees, the implementation of a system of targeted leadership, and the establishment of a system for workplaces evaluation.

Coaching and training are the most powerful tools for people’s development. How are they used in your company?

Internal trainers and coaches are recognized as a need for modern business. Lovćen in cooperation with other Triglav Group members invests in their education. Currently, in cooperation with an external coaching house, we implement coaching for top management, while internal coaches are responsible for other levels of management. Coaching is based on the Gallup methodology, that is, on the development of present capacities. The philosophy of this methodology, the existing strength-based development, is unique since it builds the area of the greatest potentials instead of focusing on weaknesses and thereby uplifts self-awareness that enables us to be more productive.

For the end, share with us a moment when you were particularly proud of your impact on the development of your employees?

In my opinion, the greatest success of someone who manages a team is to enable the team members to perform assignments independently. I consider that a successful manager is a person who knows how to transfer knowledge to employees and who knows how to accept and appreciate the knowledge of the employees.

The satisfaction of the team you lead, the awareness that we are all part of one team is the key to successful management, which I realize that the employees have recognized as the slogan of the work of our Sector.

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