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Monday, 10:00am. I am entering the office where the regular weekly Leadership Community (LC) team meeting is held. As usual, we start the meeting by checking in. The first time we did the check in, I felt a slight discomfort, however now I can’t wait for the start of the meeting to hear what’s going on with my timsters. Sometimes we let improvisation take us under its wing, so we change the course, and the check in turns into an informal exchange of experiences with a lot of laughter and jokes.

I listen to those people, and I realize how lucky I was to become a member of one such team. Although young, they all have a strong trait of responsibility, persistance, commitment and work habits. Everything that I value in others and what I strive to myself. Darko is our visionary, always ready for innovation and creativity. Milos is our representative – with his charisma and professionalism he is the mediator between clients, the delivery and ourselves. In my opinion, Siniša is most characterized by patience and reliability, in addition to his technical knowledge. Nemanja is a real example of someone focused on development, efficiency and effectiveness in everyday work. Dusan is a real “tech lover”, there is no technology that he could not or would not like to master, which is a real treasure when you work on product development. Predrag is a real refreshment, because he brings a lot of experience from the business world and a new energy that is reflected through his innovation and open mindness.

It’s been almost a year since we all sat down and decided to work together on our leadership skills and team building – both the LC team, and the entire TS team. There have been a lot of changes in the meantime, but we have always tried to work in a structured and continuous way. The workshops taught us that commitment and love working with data are essential to what we do every day, but without team growth and development – it’s not enough for sustainability and the quality of work.

Vision. Professionalism. Purpose. Patience. Efficiency.

When you are part of a team adorned with these values, motivation and productivity come naturally. If we add learning from mistakes, freedom, responsibility, commitment and the ability to face challenges in a creative and innovative way – things heat up, and coming to work and entering the office looks like entering the hive, as if you were a part of a big bee colony.

It is not difficult to be proud of a team that is always ready to go “extra mile”. Also, it is not difficult to follow its step – with the presence of support, understanding and trust. And that’s what I feel as a member of the LC team at Things Solver every day when I come to work. In a company of 22 people, the energy flow cannot be stopped, and the good atmosphere that is cooked in the LC team easily spreads through the workspace to other teams.

If I am to talk about that group of people who, besides me,  build up our LC team – the first impression would be – how diverse our interests are. This allows us to complement each other and create a team that is ready for a variety of challenges. The focus of the LC team is to enable other solvers to express their creativity and take the initiative in their daily work. The result is on the one hand – learning from mistakes (which I am especially glad to have in the environment in which I work in), while on the other hand – freedom, getting the best out of others and growth, through the development of both technical and soft skills .

Whether we work together on a high priority task, eat ice cream on the terrace or participate together in a conference – I am overwhelmed by a sense of belonging and team spirit. What especially motivates me is when I see how much everyone around me works and gives – then I know that I am among the right people. When you know that if you need help – you will never be left on your own, and that if you have a proposal for improvement, it will be considered and implemented – then you know that you are in the right team. And when you know that you are in the right team, you are fulfilled with the feeling that there are no limits and that everything is possible.

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Valentina Djordjevic is a huge Data Science enthusiast. Graduating from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, she faced the challenge of packing her (then irreconcilable) interests into a unique career path-cutting machine. Still, she is a real "fox" when it comes to her areas of interest, so we have no doubt that this has given her good signposts. Valentina finds motivation in challenging projects and in working with equally enthusiastic team members. She believes that working on the Data Science challenges helps her to continually grow, examine (her) boundaries, and develop her imagination. Still, she has not yet determined whether the fact that she has never solved the same problem in exactly the same way is a good or bad thing. She hopes her colleagues, or maybe someone in the community, will help her finally come up with the correct answer.

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