New solutions in the world of work

Jelena Žikić HR Adriatic Director & Mina Miljković HR Manager

Under the social innovation lab, we run short-cycle innovation projects to design and test new solutions that have the potential to change the world of work. These are delivered in consortium with partners and produce prototypes that can be taken forward internally as well as externally. We design to share, not to keep.
Supporting Workforce vitality
A vital, healthy workforce is good for business, people and society.


To thrive as employees and individuals, we need to be healthy, resilient and fit for purpose. This means addressing not only physical health, but mental health and well-being, plus complementary areas like nutrition and sleep. As we spend a large portion of our time at work, shouldn’t the workplace help enable this?

Building on Win4Youth, this project aims to create a new paradigm of what a good employer does to make the global workforce holistically healthy and fit for purpose. It is not an app, not a platform, but a combination of policy, practice, culture, change management, technology and tools that create “stickiness”. Win4Youth inspires Adecco Group employees, associates and clients to live an active and healthy life by engaging in sports. The model is simple: log your time or kilometers spent doing your favourite sports and raise money for programmes that help young people around the world become work-ready.

Supporting Workforce Readiness
Giving young talents a chance

Many young people struggle to find a way into work because they lack the experience and skills that companies look for. Through programs such as “CEO for One Month” and “Experience Work Day” we give young people hands-on experience to help them to get a foot on the career ladder and prepare for success.

The CEO of tomorrow will be quite different from the CEO of today. Both have much to learn from each other. Our aim is to find creative, innovative leaders among today’s youth and offer them the career opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to spend 24/7x 30 days with a local CEO and ultimately with Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze.

Hands-on work experience is vital in today’s labour market, and young people are often excluded. On Experience Work Day, offices across the Adecco Group open our doors to thousands of young people, inviting them to work alongside us to learn from our experts.

Portfolio career
Building skills to aid career transition

The Athlete Career Programme aims to both help people build an array of skills needed to make a transition from one part of the workforce to another, while embedding them in companies to change attitudes toward diversity and inclusion (D&I).
Athletes inspire and excite the world with their outstanding performance on the field of play. And they are so much more than what we see and perceive. That is why it makes sense for your company to hire or help find a job for high-performers who have exceptional attitude, drive and skills. The end result will be development, professional experience and employment for people in career transition, coupled with a paradigm change toward D&I across the business community.


Nikola Dunjić Senior HR Consultant

Leadership as a pillar of development
We are in an era described as the fourth industrial revolution. The accelerating pace of technological, demographic and socio-economic disruption is transforming industries and business models, changing the skills that employers need and shortening the shelf-life of employees’ existing skill sets in the process.

People, it seems, still have one commanding competitive advantage over technology: the ability to understand other people. To express empathy, communicate persuasively, and seek common ground in a manner that allows groups to agree on an action plan and more important, to feel collectively invested in its success.

Companies are investing in development programs that strengthen these attributes in their employees.

For us in Adecco they are not just the individuals that we employ for our clients, we are continually trying to give more value in our work. Taking that in consideration, this year Adecco began offering a complete human resource management process through a new service of training and coaching.
Companies, governments, NGOs and individuals in all around the world are convinced that soft skills and a leadership approach contribute to the strengthening of productivity, customer relationship and overall performance, as well as building a better corporate culture – a culture of people.

The key as in any corporate culture initiative is to show, not just tell, employees the kind of contributions and behaviors most valued by the company and to make the recognition meaningful to those who have earned it. Here we talk about unsung heroes who create a significant competitive advantage by motivating more members of the team to emulate that conduct.
Leadership will reflect merit and success in reaching performance targets rather than titles or positions on the organizational chart. This is in keeping another trend in business, the flattening of traditional hierarchies and creation of opportunities for more people to take charge and help drive the company forward. And we will see this in blue-collar industry as much as in white-collar corporations.

Creating coaching culture and belief in power to transform individual and team potential has been a catalyst for launch of development and training initiatives for us across many industries and around the world.
Soft skills are becoming a business imperative because legacy skills are losing relevance as the nature of work is disrupted. Within this changing dynamic, there is a growing demand for soft skills not only for their intrinsic value, but also because they give employees a basis for learning and gaining command of new responsibilities.

Rounding up the entire cycle from finding and employing top talent to providing optimal training is part of the new Adecco strategy. Our services add to the current profitability value and performance of your organization. Our training and development team can help you to keep the right people and increase efficiency and profit. As the struggle for top talent becomes more competitive, training and employee development programs are more important than ever. What makes a difference for us is how we engage and develop talents from the moment when employees get involved for the first time in their work processes until their further development in the company. We provide a partnership approach to our clients, building long term relationships.

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