To be or not to be (un)successful in turbulent times – what is the solution?

Creating an effective strategy in times of crisis has always been a great challenge for many companies, both locally and globally. The most important answer on how to survive a crisis means that companies can prevent it by changing some essential elements or even the whole business. One company is successful as a successful team with ability to adapt and quickly respond to change. Then, on the scene appears business agility, the concept that is in relation to innovation and stepping away from traditional business approach.

,,The Art of doing twice the work in half the time.ʻʻ

First of all, ask yourself – how fast you or your organization can answer to turbulent, hard predictable and high competitive changes? Business agility is actually kind of a capability of a business to be flexible, adaptive and most of all – creative in an unsafe environment. The benefits of Agile implementation can be summarized in achieving a more responsive and effective organization. Adaptability, making quick and smart moves in short periods of time are some of the values. One of major aspectsis that agility helps you to understand what is the most important for the business especially on a turbulent markets. Recent research shows that agile organizations have a 70% chance of being in the top quartile of organization health. Beside that, all sectors believe that their employees should undertake agile ways of working (even 68%).*

Finally, elements of each agile organization (strategy, structure, process, people, technology) are based on some innovative trademarks that include agile experiences, values and why agile organization can survive crisis. So, the main question is…

How does agile apply during the crisis?

Adapting to changing requirements is identified as one of the key challenges for project managers. How actually agility can help through crisis?

  • Key benefits of Agile approach are to find all strengths and remove weaknesses in your organization. All essential information of a project are shared on a daily basis. Also, it helps you stay on schedule and ensures the cohesion of the team’s work. For start-ups it’s essential to control waste of resources.
  • Agile gives specified rhythm. When nothing feels certain, agile provides for regular patterns to move work forward. Also, allows you quick changes. When organizations need to make quick adjustments to priorities or important tasks, agile is especially well-suited.
  • Agile approach ensures optimal use of all resources and helps you to eliminate issues during the process. There are members following the plan based on customer’s feedback so they can ensure speed and good responsiveness for emergent situations.

The IT industry is the first in the world that recognizes the benefits of an Agile approach. Thanks to the most often used – Scrum framework, there is also a need on the market for additional education about new roles. In Serbia, transformation from traditional to agile concept is efficient process especially when you have well-educated employees that contribute in order to accomplish goals. In order of that transformation process, Agile Serbia helps companies and provides them smart directions and quality knowledge.

,,Embrace the unknown! That’s where learning lies! If you’re too afraid to learn, you will never get any better. This is the key to being successful at Scrum: embrace change.ʻʻ, Jeff Sutherland, The Power of Scrum

Agile Serbia(baby brand of  Puzzle Software) was created in 2012, initially as a certification institution for two Scrum roles – Scrum Master and Product Owner supported by Scrum Alliance. Over time, the needs of the market went far beyond just these two roles, so education expanded to other Agile and Scrum topics, techniques and practices, as well as agile leadership. The program of Agile Mentoring and Coaching helps individuals or teams in the most important parts of their Agile transition. Also, this year Belgrade (in October) will host the largest Agile event ever organized in the region – Regional Scrum Gathering .

,,Agile Serbia has become an educational hub of the Agile Community in Serbia and beyond, both through education and events it has launched. Free meetups, webinars, online panels and interactive workshops are results of this hardworking community. For almost eight years they continue to build a strong reputation through this educational content, especially in times of crisis when you need specific hints and solutions.ʻʻ

Are you the next Agile superstar?

It’s crucial to remember that agility requires time, the will and commitment for constantly working and learning. The transformation from traditional to modern way of business is something that is in most cases mandatory. Companies that have already adjusted to agility can easily survive the upcoming crisis. Some changes are inevitable especially in times when that is required. Agile mindset and way of working can help a lot.

So, are you the next Agile superstar?

*source: Why agility pays, McKinsey Quartely, December 2015

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