Agile Slovenia 2021

The time has come to respond to change with an agile mindset and bring balance back into our lives – join us at Agile Slovenia 2021!

On October 20, the boldest agile captains from around the globe will gather to help you and your team find the right balance and better understand the fast-moving issues around agile.

Coming from companies like Spotify, LEGO, IBM, they are the rockstars of the agile world: Jeff Gothelf, Johanna Rothman, Gitte Klitgaard, Roman Pichler, Matej Filipović, Tobias Mayer, and Mike Leber will share their valuable insights about how agility affects your company and what you need to do now to prepare yourself for the future.
Throughout the day, you will be connecting with the agile community and meet like-minded people. Still, there are additional reasons why you should attend Agile Slovenia this year, no matter your role in the organization:

  • Understand how you can build products in a better way.
  • Hear the practical examples of creating psychological safety in teams from worldwide known agile coaches.
  • Listen to inspirational ideas about making your team or organization (even more) agile.
  • Gain access to the latest knowledge of agile and hear about best practices in foreign companies.
  • And to have fun, of course.

So join in the magic, the breakthroughs, and the innovation that happens when Agile tribes come together to help each other succeed.
We encourage you to attend with your key team members, managers, and executives. We offer a discount for groups of 3 or more.

Attune your mind. Balance your thoughts. Agile Slovenia is not to be missed.
More information and registration here:

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