Behind all motivation is Desire

I love the topic of motivation as I am fascinated with human potential, peak performance and what really drives us in life. Everything we experience and give value to is simply an expression of our beliefs, paradigms, thinking, and habitual habits. You can easily find videos or articles that will say motivation sucks and is overrated. On the flip side there are those who say being motivated is the holy grail of achieving anything. In this article I feel to simply share what my experience has been and trust you will receive from this, what resonates and is true for you.

I believe that anytime we make a positive change, it is sparked primarily by a moment of “Clarity.” This usually generates new energy and motivation within is us to take action on this new realization. I always say, “Motivation gets us started, but habits sustain that momentum.” It has been my experience that motivation is something we must generate to ignite the initial momentum towards a new endeavor. I personally love the energy and feelings associated with motivation as it sparks possibility, imagination, and ultimately a new belief which is the main determining factor as to whether you will see things through.

As a speaker I often give motivational talks all about how to manage fear and the power of our belief. As much as I love getting a room full of people hyped and jumping up and down to loud music saying “I Am Powerful,” I know many will go home and within a few days are back into their habitual routine. Having said this, all is not lost because often there are people who experience energetic shifts during the talk. This shift is what is needed to break the previous cycle of their unconscious habitual habits, thinking and behavior. As Albert Einstein eloquently put it, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

As we further develop our self-awareness or meta-cognition, we should really assess what our intrinsic and extrinsic drivers are when we are in the energy of motivation. You see when we seek clarity consistently, it will lead to your “why.” Knowing your “why” is key, as you will have a much stronger chance of steering the course and taking consistent action even when the motivation itself may not always be present. Behind all motivation I believe is Desire.

The topic of motivation is very dynamic, and I feel to touch on many of the areas and energies associated with its multiple drivers. Clarity and Desire help us ensure that we can set a powerful and aligned intention behind the goals we set and the things we seek. I fully believe that whatever your soul is seeking, is seeking you. We are either expanding or contracting and energy cannot be created or destroyed but is always moving and changing based on the focus and actions that are taken. Often when we are lacking motivation it is simply because we are not learning anything new. Learning and expanding is a great way to spark motivation. Brendon Burchard teaches that ambition and expectancy are the two drivers of motivation and I fully agree that these are key activators. I do feel there are more moving pieces as I previously mentioned like clarity, intention, belief, and desire. They all play a role in creating and sustaining motivation.

Another key area I have experienced to be a great motivator is goal setting. Once you have clarity, desire, intention, and belief it is key you start to take action. If you do not have a target you will miss every time, so set your sights on your goals. Then start to break them into natural mini goals or separate projects that will fuel the bigger vision. So why am I writing about goal setting in an article about motivation? We are all wired to love the feeling of completion. When we have a strategy for our vision with goals and actions steps to take, we get to feel completion all along the journey of working towards our goals and vision. Develop habits to sustain your motivation.

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