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For the beginning of this interview, could you tell us how the AMM was established?
The project itself started back in January 2008, when the Montenegrin Confederation of Managers was formed. Simply, these initial steps pointed to the need to form a strong, well-organized institution of leaders and managers with a clear vision of Montenegro as a state of knowledge and high-quality human resources. The initial idea grew and was institutionalized in October 2013, when the Statute of the Association of Montenegrin Managers was adopted and and the leadership elected.

How many members does your organization have and how do you communicate with them?
The Association has grown from the initial 20 founders to an organization that, through individual membership and membership through the Business-Company club, now has more than 300 members. Our members are managers in top positions in private and state companies, as well as representatives of the scientific community. Over the past five years, we have improved communication methods, which now include regular electronic communication but also direct contact in meetings, visits to members and above all through various workshops, conferences and other types of business gatherings that our members find useful.

Employee development is a very important factor, perhaps the key factor, in the success of a company. How much does AMM promote such activities for its members?
If we say that development of human resources is the focus of our activities, that absolutely means that we promote and support every form of work and improvement of human resources in companies and the society.

How does AMM contribute to the development of a more favorable business climate in Montenegro and beyond?
Through a proactive approach, monitoring of economic trends and attention to problems and business barriers through direct communication with the government, its ministries and local self-government bodies. We strive to fully articulate the requests of the business community towards better and more favorable business conditions. Also, we are working hard to connect managers in the Western Balkans region and we are one of the founders of the joint regional organization of South East Europe Managers AMSEE.

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about digitalization of the economy, and of the society as a whole. What is the role of the AMM in this challenging process?
The AMM is recognized as an initiator and promoter of modern ideas, especially ideas that represent business opportunities not only for Montenegro but also for our whole region. We have formed the Digital Transformation Committee whose activities have immediately been recognized by the business and the wider community as very good and useful, so we ended last year with the Digital Summit called „DigitalON“, which was supported by the largest companies, but also the Government of Montenegro, its ministries – public administration and economy, Human Resources Management, Customs Administration, Tax Administration and the Chamber of Commerce.
On the whole, the AMM is recognized as one of the proponents of this process, which has been communicated to us by the International Telecommunication Union.

You have recently been re-elected as President of AMSEE. It is a great honor for you, and even a greater opportunity to contribute to the organization.
It is my privilege to work with my colleagues from the region on destroying barriers that are part of our historic heritage. Working to realize the vision of economic prosperity and cooperation of all countries in the region, we face a lot of challenges. However, the people who make this organization, and also the very idea behind the organization, is what makes us wealthy. It is irrelevant whether someone else will work on a vision of the successful Balkans with us or alongside us; what is relevant is that more and more people and institutions regard this kind of thinking as the only right one and this process as inevitable. Politicians are here to create the conditions through the strength of their positions, and it is up to us from the sphere of business to act even faster than they.

To end this interview, if you could express the vision of your association in one sentence, what would it be?
At the end, as well as at the beginning – a strong, well-organized business and social organization, which articulates and represents the interests of leaders and managers, with the aim of significant economic and social development of Montenegro and the region.

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