Innovating your way to sustainable growth and competitiveness

In preparation for the Innovation Management Academy that is taking place from the 13th until the 17th of May at 10 Kralja Milana Street, ICT Hub is organizing another Corporate Innovation Meetup on the 17th of April at 6.30PM, and the event will be a great stage to present a part of the new program. The meetup will be the second of this kind for Sonja Kresojević, lecturer at the upcoming Academy and a world-renowned expert in the field of innovation strategy, business agility and digital transformation, but this time ICT Hub’s Program Manager, Sandra Nešić, will take the opportunity to discuss with Sonja her latest book – The Lean Product Lifecycle.

Co-authors of this practical guide for corporate innovators that is something, as critics say, you ought to have, are Sonja’s peers and innovation experts – Tendayi Viki and Craig Strong. The book itself is a result of many years of hard work put into overcoming challenges related to the methodology of product development and making investment decisions based on lean principles, which Sonja had faced during her time at Pearson, where she was a Senior Vice President of Product Lifecycle. This book also presents an invaluable source of information and advice that can help companies prepare for the changing market conditions while at the same time making sure that innovation becomes their main focus. The Lean Product Lifecycle is filled with practical tools and examples of how to properly introduce lean innovation into a company and it will be as much useful for innovators and product managers as it will be for other individuals that advocate for change and want to contribute to sustainable innovation and growth within their companies.

At the event that is going to take place next Wednesday at 6.30PM at ICT Hub Playground, Sonja will also touch upon the necessity of building an adequate innovation ecosystem, which will essentially be a short teaser for the much more complex lecture and workshop that are going to be the central part of the new Innovation Management Academy program which starts on the 13th of May and for which you can apply through its official page.

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