O Bella Ciao!

A West German man uses a hammer and chisel to chip off a piece of the Berlin Wall as a souvenir. A portion of the Wall has already been demolished at Potsdamer Platz.

New, February printed edition is coming soon. Exclusively, just an editorial teaser below.

I was sitting on a train in Berlin’s metro thinking about the Lean Startup summit, an innovators’s summit taking place in this city, when I suddenly heard someone playing the harmonica. I instantly recognised the tune – the man was playing „O Bella Ciao“, the famous Italian communist song. I am a great believer in signs along the road. Also, hearing that song in Berlin, after many many years, made me remember significant moments from the past. I got the message – if you want to embrace change and innovation, you need to say “ciao” to something old, and step out of your comfort zone.

Our February edition is full of articles about innovation. Also, we’ve been innovative and changed the make-up of the cover page. For the first time now, there is no portrait there. We’ve been to Berlin and have an exclusive report from the Lean Startup summit 2019. Also, in this issue, we have innovative coaches, companies, and large corporations trying to implement innovation in their daily work.

I hope this February edition motivates you to figure out your own way to be innovate at something. As you already know, our main goal is to ignite change and make it sustainable using coaching.
Enjoy your reading and stay hungry for knowledge.

See you soon!

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