It is a well-known truth that there is no quality job done without teamwork. From the business aspect, but also in the wider social context, association and teamwork are the basis of every task set and problem solved. In our space, the meaning of teamwork gained even more importance.

Take, for example, an item that you need to evaluate, accept, or challenge. Your goal is to see what ideas will emerge during the discussion, how the team’s thoughts will build on, how team members will react to new approaches from their colleagues. For all this you need good communication. In the coworking community, people socialize, share experiences, meet co-workers, develop ideas and come up with activities. Communication is more intense and productive, because there are many different profiles of both companies and people, which complement each other.

A common workspace brings people together and enables cooperation. We recently had two companies that met in our area and after a few conversations they realized they could help each other. They achieved a successful cooperation ̶ they wrote and realized a joint project. In such creative communities, the working atmosphere is felt in the air, people motivate each other and simply “force” you to be more productive. Your togetherness and success are our goal.

Organized, modern and clean space seems powerful and allows our clients to maintain a business atmosphere, comfort and professional appearance. At the same time, it creates a sense of belonging to one great team and develops a spirit of togetherness. As our clients themselves say: “We met by chance here, talked and came to the conclusion that they are doing something that is interesting to us, and we are doing something that is interesting to them, which gives us the opportunity to sit down and talk and consider potential cooperation.”

Each company is a team for itself, and at the same time they make one big, joint team. We have open communication, listen carefully to the needs of clients and follow their ways to match the goals and needs of their company. We believe that the space in which the team operates is one of the most important factors influencing the work atmosphere. Functional, modern and pleasant space creates a favorable working atmosphere, contributing to quality formal and informal communication. The result is high efficiency and productivity of teams.

At first glance, it looks like a team building is currently taking place in which one team works hard around a table, another team enjoys drinking coffee in the kitchen and a cheerful conversation, the third team holds a presentation in the Hall, and the fourth holds a meeting in the office. For us, just such an atmosphere is a reflection of true commitment, creativity and teamwork.

Bearing in mind that employees at their workplace, they spend eight hours every day, a third of a whole day, it is very important how they experience the atmosphere at work. Coworking community allows you to spend that time productively, with quality, in part and fun, because it is exactly what the word says ̶ a community in which people are instructed in their work, but also in each other.

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