What is change?

From all the definitions I have read in the dictionary, change is about leaving something behind and doing something different. In my understanding and experience, change is about transformation, evolution, growth, welcoming something new. It’s about metamorphosis, just like the caterpillar and the butterfly. And from my spiritual standpoint, it’s about answering a Calling. I would define a Calling as having a sudden Knowing of anything. For example, it could be participating in an event or training, talking to someone that you don’t know, knowing why you are here for, why you were born on this earth and what your contribution is to humanity, etc. From the smallest thing to what seems to be the biggest or the scariest for some of us.

Too many times, when we talk about change, we think about loss. It’s only obvious then that we therefore fear it and want to hold onto the past or cling onto what we have now even if it doesn’t really give us what we want or even if it is a painful situation.

Indeed, with change comes uncertainty.

Often, it is experienced as scary, even dangerous for some. But what if that was exciting, pushing us into being creative and expressing the best and highest version of ourselves?

What if change was stepping into or going for something that makes our heart or soul sing, so much so that we then know it will bless everyone we come across? What if change was not about moving away from pain, but about moving towards something new?  What if it was about finally showing the world who we truly are and what we are capable of – individually, as our unique blueprint and as a species?

I truly believe that the change that is required now for all of humanity is to acknowledge our oneness with everyone and everything. We must recognize that at the basis of everything – all of life, matter and non-matter – is the same quantum field* that unites every human on earth and all things in all universes as One.

The society we built after World War II – one led by the search for security – has gone as far as it could go and the crisis we have been going through for a year and a half is bringing the end of a system based on lack, scarcity and fear.

We are going through a spiritual crisis in which our nature as One is denied. Mind and thinking have dominion over the reality of all that is as One Source and the interdependency of all and all things. We have therefore the opportunity to open up to a new way of living.

Changing without anything changing

Over the years of my teaching and coaching practice, I notice that people would come to my programs with huge expectations and desires for change, would have profound experiences in the event, then go home and default back to the “usual”. I noticed that a lot of people were saying they wanted to change but didn’t want their external circumstances to change. They were therefore driving with the breaks on. And anytime something different with a higher, richer energy would unfold, they would sabotage it to make sure nothing around them would go away.

These two movements must be acknowledged if you truly want to bring your life, your career or your company to the next level. Awareness and radical honesty are the beginning of a new unfolding.

How to make conscious choices and how to face uncertainty in a new way?

  1. Are you aligned with the expression of your soul – that we could call your specific blueprint – or with the higher level of service to humanity you came on earth for – which you could call expressing your fullest potential?

Most of the choices we make are based on our conditioning, our limiting beliefs and the culture we were brought up in. It’s often coming from a desire to belong and to be loved and accepted and therefore has nothing to do with our real expression, nor with who we really are. We became what our parents wanted, what society wanted, what our friends were becoming, or what we thought would make us safe to help us survive.

But is surviving thriving?

The cultural field is about norm and normality, security and safety, not questioning the things set in place to keep the current system going. All of this is done for ease and comfort. This could be called the matrix.

To make my point more concrete, did you ever meet someone who was having profound questions about life, wanted to change everything, didn’t fit in the way society functions and you thought that they were too complicated or annoying?

Starting to ask different questions about life, yourself, your business, your company, your systems or your market is the way to open yourself up to live in a more aligned posture and create a different experience – a richer one, a meaningful one. When we are not listening to our soul, which speaks to us all the time, we will at some point face a crisis that will bring us into this awareness. And that is when change is inevitable then. I think we have arrived there as a collective species. And today, we each have a responsibility to do things differently, to act from our soul’s expression and not from our mind or ego.

When do you know it is your soul guiding you? It’s obvious. You just know.

It is not always logical, nor always straight forward. But even if you are scared, which you could be as it is pushing you out of your comfort zone, you know it is the direction you are meant to take. You don’t necessarily know how but thankfully the how is the collaboration with your soul that is answering that question.

  • What is your energy level when you make a decision?

Everything in the universe is energy. Matter is energy, as Einstein’s most famous equation says energy and matter are two sides of the same coin.

Based on that reality, you can understand that the energy level you’re in when you decide anything, interact with someone or create something new has its importance.

You’d then also most likely get my first point and that when you are connected to and following soul, it is a higher energy than when you listen to mind or ego, or to fear, anger or hate. And therefore, you’ll have a different kind of answer.

If you live in a constant state of fear and lack and are led by what you hear from virtually everywhere, your energy level is going to be low. And then change will be very scary, as your focus in that energy is to survive.

Most would agree that any entrepreneur, business owner or CEO who is successful or has a successful company, stood out from the crowd at some point, took some risks or even rose above and beyond his or her culture or conditioning.

From my perspective, that is what is called for today for humanity to go to the next level, to go peacefully through the change we are all walking. We live a global awakening of consciousness and that which does not serve us anymore, what limit us must be seen in a new light. Things cannot and will not be the same as before. And as much as we hold onto the past, as much as drama or crisis will have to happen to bring about the liberation of the energy that we try to keep bound.

Faith is the way I walk in gratitude.

We each had at least one experience in which we had the sense that something bigger than ourselves was at play. Acknowledging it and giving it its place in our daily life is creating effortlessness and having us live in connection with our nature.

Having faith in something bigger – a Grand Order of Things, the Universal Intelligence that put us all on this earth – is not “ole, ole” or “woo woo”. It is recognizing what’s inherent to our human condition and acknowledging the laws that govern our universe!

Making room for that shifts our experience from one of fear and powerlessness to one of faith and empowerment. Choosing our energy in each moment is embracing the powerful being that we are and that we do create our reality. And the more we do, the more we see the results and are blessed. And the more we are blessed and see the incredible changes unfolding and how life takes care of us, the more we have faith. And this is a virtuous cycle.

We can create a new way of being and living based on a new awareness of our nature as One, on our wholeness and the abundance that is – everywhere. It’s time for a human brotherhood.

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Visionnary, Teacher, Mentor/Coach, Conscious Change and Conscious Parenting Expert, Inspirational Speaker and Bestselling Author, Armelle teaches since more than 10 years awakening to our True Nature, the Art of Presence and listening and how to live from Inspiration instead of Obligation, She traveled all over the world to give talks and retreats. She is known as an expert in her field and is part of 4 movies/documentaries. Her Presence, her gentle and natural way of being, her clarity and her simplicity touch all whom she meets.

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