Agile Coaching Retreat event 2020 – Day 3

The great two days of the conference did not leave the slightest doubt that an even better third day will follow. The event is in its full momentum and the participants are more than ready to learn and apply what they have learned. A great mix that fits into the maxim of the Scrum Alliance, “transforming the world of work”.

That the whole world is united in this mission is also shown by the front page of the third day, where it is visually shown where all the participants are from. The Miro board enabled all participants to “pin” from where they attend this unique conference. As you can see, a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

 How the Agile Coach can “serve” the organization is a topic that the lecturers and participants dealt with on Wednesday. Today’s leaders need coaches who understand business, leadership, culture, the global economy, and more. They need coaches to help them apply the learned agile tools without fear in their daily work with teams. They need an agile coach who is not afraid to give “unpleasant” (honest) feedback and help them on the uncertain path that the new economy brings us.

Exactly at 5:00 am, when in Europe was still completely dark, the “Eastern” part of the event began. Nafees Butt showed us how to safely lead a team beyond the horizon in a group coaching simulation.

For those interested in organizational transformation, Ruben Canlas Jr. spoke about how we can use systemic thinking as a framework and a set of tools to guide transformation.

Pyo Park shared his work experience with traditional organizations looking to experiment with an agile way of working and thus completed the first three-hour block.

The European part started as standard, at 10:00. The first one to have the opportunity to share his experience with the participants was Jorgen Hesselberg, with the topic “7 signs that you are on the right path”. He unselfishly shared his knowledge in the field of business and organizational agility with a lot of enthusiasm.

Next was Jeff Cumps who shared a great tool for organizational transformation, Sociocracy 3.0. This is a great tool that combines agile and Lean methodology to build a change-resistant organization.

Carlo Giardinetti spoke about the importance of your voice, as well as that of your colleagues in the organization. A very inspiring lecture with a lot of research data that in some moments surprised everyone present.

The North American block started at 18:00, with a lecture by Glenda Eoyang, who explained why complex changes cause unusual problems for individuals, teams and organizations.

Pete Behrens re-raised the topic that leaders are the mirror of the organization. In order for agile transformation to become an important part of an organization, it is necessary for leaders to first adopt an agile way of thinking and change people’s behavior and leadership style.

At the end of the day, we all had the opportunity to learn how we could create room for change. Jorgen Hesselberg shared that with us. Great workshop and 7 signs that tell us whether we are on the right development path.

The three-hour block of lectures in Spanish began at 22:00 and covered the area of Latin America.

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