Agile Coaching Retreat event 2020 Day 5

The last day of a week dedicated to agile coaching.

Friday was dedicated to the development of the coaches and participants of this event. Coaching is a huge field of continuous learning and it is all about practicing, giving feedback, recognizing space for development.

Unlike the previous days, two zoom links were opened on Friday. One where lectures could be followed, and the other one was a famous coaching clinic, something that the Scrum Alliance is known for. At this link you could schedule a coaching session around any topic that you are interested in. Also, you could schedule a coaching session to be your coach, and a certified agile coach would give you feedback on your coaching skills at the end of the session.

As for lectures and workshops, as usual, the eastern part of the conference started at 05:00, with a lecture by Vernon Stinebaker, who explained to the participants the path of agile coaching, required skills, certification levels and answered numerous questions from participants.

Amir Peled dealt with the same topic in the European part of the conference, shortly after 10 am. Miloš Zeković held a workshop on how to manage emotions on the path of our personal agile development and how professional coaching can help us.

The North American but also the session for Latin America also took place in the promotion of Agile coaching and the certification process by certified Scrum Alliance coaches. They patiently answered the numerous questions of everyone present.

What to say at the end of such an epic event? It will take some time for the impressions to subside and key lessons to be learned.

But one thing is for sure. Although in the difficult conditions caused by the global pandemic, this event could not be organized without people. Although ONLINE, it was nice to see some famous faces again and share smiles and new joys with them. The participants of this event made it magnificent.

But there is another group of people, who worked hard to make this whole event the way it was. It is the famous CAT team, which stands for Coaching Advisory Team. Let’s get to know them better:

Elena Aminova, Agile Coach and Servant Leader at Federal Reserve Bank of New York

New York City Metropolitan Area

Brock Argue, CEC, Agile Coach at Superheroes Academy

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Stacey Louie, Enterprise Agile Coach/ Transformation Leader with CSP, CSM, CSPO, SPC4, Kanban

San Francisco Bay Area

Mauricio Robles, Agile Coach (CSM, CSPO, CSP) | Agilist by profession and optimist by choice.

Costa Rica

Mark Summers, Agile Coach and Trainer

London, United Kingdom

Alex Sloley, Agile Coach Facilitator Teacher Mentor – International Keynote Speaker – Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach – Business Agility Coach

Sydney, Australia

Finally, the organizers announced the next Agile Coaching Retreat for September 2021, with the desire to be live. It remains for us to wish them that their wishes come true.

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