Big Apple Scrum Day 2021

A few days ago, on May 20, we had the opportunity to attend a great event, “Big Apple Scrum Day” organized by the NYC Scrum User Group. It was founded in 2015 and so far over 1200 participants and members have participated in their events.

Although the event lasted for only three hours, it was filled with great energy and good vibes. The event was opened by Arthur Wong, who welcomed all of the participants in front of the organizing team. He spoke about the need for such events to exist and what makes this event different from others. After a 15-minute discussion, participants were divided into smaller groups and led by experienced facilitators set off with the agile educational game Lean Apples. Learning objective of this game is to demonstrate the effects of waiting time and batch sizes on productivity and delivery.

The game was presented by Korrin Mitchell, and she shared a little more details about how to organize this game as well as the key benefits of working with teams.

The game was a lot of fun and triggered a lot of discussion led by the facilitator through the retrospective. After some time, all the groups returned to the main room where we all shared our teachings.

All participants were able to apply for Bingo Networking where they had the opportunity to receive one of the valuable prizes of the sponsors of this event.

The central part of the event was the Coaching Clinic, where participants had the opportunity to do a pro bono session with experienced agile coaches who sincerely supported this Scrum gathering.

The general impression is that such an event can be organized only with a great team of people with great experience and selfless desire to support the learning and development of each individual participant.

All congratulations and compliments to the organizers.

For more details on this event, feel free to visit BASD

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