Collision conference

Anyone who has ever been to a Web Summit has probably heard of the Collision conference, which is the American (Canadian) version of the Web Summit.

However, here in Europe, the Web Summit is considered to be the largest conference in the field of technology in the world. We reported last year live from Lisbon, which cordially opens the gates of its city to visitors of this summit for a few years.

Great atmosphere, beautiful ambience and the most competent people is something that marked last year’s Web Summit. This year it was supposed to take place from 2-5. November, but due to the situation with Covid 19 is postponed for 2-4. December. What is certain is that the conference will be held online in December, and when it comes to the physical (offline) one, it will depend on the epidemiological situation and the recommendations of the Portuguese authorities.

Tickets for the upcoming online version are already on sale at the following link:

But let’s get back to the Collision conference. Maybe we’ve all gotten a little tired of online meetings, lectures and webinars lately. With such set expectations, we enter the application. What awaits us is a top-notch application that brings a completely different experience of monitoring online content. Also, when you register for the first time, the application uses a QR code to easily connect to another device, in our case a laptop.

After you have logged in, it feels exactly the same as when you are at the Web Summit live. Constant running from hall to hall (in this case from channel to channel), a lot of content from top experts and many interactive workshops. Although over 1000 visitors were almost always attached to each channel or workshop at the same time, the servers worked flawlessly and there was not a second of interruption or any delay.

The content was so rich that we had to throw out some very interesting topics and lecturers with heavy hearts. We just couldn’t shake the impression that we were at the “real” Web summit. The application also supported direct communication with all speakers or participants of this event.

Here are some fascinating numbers that describe the conference:

32,000 participants of this online conference

634 speakers

Participants were from 140 countries around the world

45.2% of participants were women

1008 Start Ups were presented to the participants

There were representatives from as many as 25 industries at the fair

850 investors of various types and profiles were ready to support the most innovative start-ups

And finally, there were 1143 accredited journalists who covered this phenomenal event.

The impression of a large number of visitors is that we attended the creation of a new way of gathering and communication between lecturers and participants.

This conference will be followed by the Web Summit in December. No one still knows whether it will be in Lisbon or on the Internet. What can be said for sure is that this will be great socializing in a perfectly planned environment.

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