Education is (not) on the break: Facts that matter

Many of us think that education is in relation to schooling. You have predefined programs, subjects, lectures and knowledge that will be changeless. Someone once said that education represents process of cultivating hopeful environments and relationships for learning. With an emphasis on the word process. It’s never-ending. No matter where we live, what we do or where we’re going to be. Education presents a vital role in the quality of life and each country has its own exclusive approach. Do you know that over 40 years, equitable access to quality education can help a country raise its gross domestic product per capita by 23%? Also, over the years, there’s a high demand for specific but the most-wanted vocations because of its benefits.

Big, bigger, the biggest

Someone would say that Agile represents a unique approach, others think that’s a methodology. Still, it’s widespread and used for a very long time. Scrum framework is one of Agile ways to manage a project and generally speaking – businesses across the whole world. At first and maybe to understand better, we can say that Agility refers to how fast we adequately respond to market challenges and should be viewed as an overall mindset, as company culture and way of working. People always ask: why is Agility important? Market characteristics have changed and this trend of changes will continue. Today, we have turbulent, highly competitive, and hard predictable markets, consumers with higher expectations, trends of globalization and digitalization, environments where innovation is a must, and employees who require more attention because human potential is the most valuable factor in business. Management 3.0, Agile These Days, Scrum Framework, Scrum@Scale Framework, and Change of Managements are some of crucial aspects for understanding Agile way of life. Did you know that 81% Scrum Masters in the world (according to SM Trends Report 2019) are using Scrum with other agile practices, ie. Kanban, Scrumban, XP?

What are the benefits of Agile way of working?

To achieve some level of agility, you need to invest in process improvement and change the mindset and way of working. Before you start, you should be aware of what that way of working brings to you, of course, you have to see the purpose. Higher productivity and innovation based on increased motivation of employees, reduced risks in unpredictable and complex business environments, and better collaboration where employees can find the most productive way of completing tasks are just small parts of benefits in this Agile puzzle. So, you ask, what is the biggest benefit of Agile mindset at the end? We will say that Agility doesn’t have an end and point because with this mindset and way of working you will continuously make improvements and keep going forward.

The life according to Agile

If you want to survive nowadays, especially the future, think about how flexible and adaptive you or your organization is – could you continue with the present or even better with the next big market change(s)?

We all agree in one – everything started with Agile and since its beginning Agile Serbia has been constantly growing, relying on Agile and all the benefits of this approach. Over the years, Agile Serbia has built credibility and strong relationship within its community, by delivering excellent results in Agile education and support. And yes, Agile is the present and the future, business reality with many benefits. Learning while listening is more productive when you adopt new useful insights. So, what’s your plans for 7th & 8th December 2020? From Angel Medinilla, Alistair Cockburn, Jurgen Appelo,and many more superstars you’ll learn everything you wanna know about Agility. Where? On the upcoming Agile Serbia Conference: All-Stars Edition 2020. This online ceremony will be held thanks to app MatchAbout, an easy way for networking from event to event and between, without any limits.

The choice is yours – you can wait to see what will happen or you can be prepared and welcome the change!

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