Coworking is a modern method of doing business at the premises shared by multiple independant individuals or teams. It was primarily related to various-profile freelancers who wanted to work in professional environment. As the professional-environment working trend was spreading, the consciousness of coworking advantages became stronger. Today, besides the freelancers who still represent the majority of the users, these premises are used by entrepreneurs, digital nomads and even the employees of the small and medium businesses.

The coworking premises offer the possibily of independance but at the same time gives their users the feeling of belonging to the community, which sometimes is the mail reason why a person will choose this way of working. Compared to the coworking premises, the instant office working method is more suitable for small and medium businesses which have the tendency to expand their capacities. Other than the need for expanding, some of the key reasons people choose the instant office or coworking space are the productvity enhancement, the ability to be connected to the people of same or similar interests as well as the improvment of their social life. This type of premises often offer the accommodations packages which cover all the users` needs, since thanks to the facility management the tenants do not need to worry about maintaining the working space. These all-inclusive packages provide the possibility for the clients to direct their energy and time to business development.


By choosing the coworking and instant office space, it is of high importance to pay attention to the location of the premises, since it is crucial when it comes to successful business conducting. What is essential with choosing the right location is that it should be accessed easily, both by the coworking and instant office users, and by their clients as well. The benefits that make a location serviceable are proximity of the high-way, airport, bus and train stations, commercial objects, parks and all the other spots which can be in common use in everyday activities.


Having our coworking and instant offices users` needs and wishes  on our mind, OfficeMe created the concept that fulfils all the above mentioned criteria, and being the way it is, it represents the ideal solution for everyone who decides to develop their business in a place like this.

The OfficeMe is the first domestic company which, besides the coworking, is characterised as the instant-office as well, because it provides the innovative business solutions and puts its clients and their professional strategies as the priority, whether it is about the office space, a conference room or a virtual office. By acknowledging the users` needs, OfficeMe helps the small and medium businesses to grow and succeed, following their engagement in every field, and thanks to the mutual understanding and a desire to accomplish more, the OfficeMe grows together with its clients.

The premises of the OfficeMe company are positioned in three locations: Belgrade Office Park, Sava Business Centre and BoatMe, at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. The first two locations are in the representative, urban and completely equipped A – category buildings. The third one, the BoatMe, represents the instant office and event centre at the river mouth, overlooking the Kalemegdan fortress. It is very close to the city centre and main road substructures, but still surrounded by the verdure and isolated from the city noise. It contains of all the necessary conveniences of the modern premises enriched with inspiring and creative working atmosphere. BoatMe is not a building, but a floating object, also equipped with the A-category standards. The lighting, the alarm system, sensors, video surveillance, equipment, working units, together with the facility management – these are all the facts that make the BoatMe unique not only in Serbia, but nationwide.

With the OfficeMe each client has got the possibility to get just the thing they need at the specific moment, whether it is the office, a working position in the open space or an individual place for the employees. The purpose of the OfficeMe services is to provide its clients the unannoyed working atmosphere, without having to worry about the everyday obligations. In other words, this concept provides the 24/7 access to the premises, taking over all the monthly expenses: electricity, water, internet, cleaning maintenance, security. Also, the very important part of the premises are the common rooms, where many new acquaintances are made and experiences are shared, which is crucial in the world of business and company or personal development.

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