Ex-Change-ing Change

Change keeps us stuck in change

Change is a fun word in the English language.

Change in your pocket

To make change

Changing shifts

Weather change

Change of mind

Change your clothes

A change of heart

A change in plans

Changing diapers (my favorite)

All those phrases speak to something happening. Except for change in your pocket. Unless you leave it there too long and it wears a hole in your pocket. Then you have a change in the integrity of your pants and you’d have to change them… or your skirt for those of you who have skirts with pockets. Better to spend that change. No holes. But then you’d have a change in liquidity. Not the water kind of liquidity, the financial kind. And you might have to change your position in the stock market.

Do you feel tired yet? Have you changed your mind about reading this article?

Humans and our fascination with change. My favorite, after changing Poopy diapers, is a transformative change, as spoken in the coaching community. Isn’t that the same thing? To transform, according to the etymology of the word, is a change of form. To change is to transform. Some folks put transform and change together to emphasize the nature of some change vs. other types of change.  Some change, it appears, is too wimpy. Some folks want something to communicate as a super extra special spectacular kind of change. What-eves.

I invite clients to change nothing. Way more freeing. “Phew, you mean I don’t have to change a thing?” That’s right, not a thing.

Achieving change is the wrong focus. Trying to achieve anything is the wrong focus. When you examine nature (you know, forests and streams and oceans and stuff), does nature change?

Nature is in constant change, according to humans, but nature does not call it change. Nature calls it “no duh”.

OK, of course nature does not call it that, but since I am taking liberties to personify nature… What nature would say is that it is “in flow“ and that change only exists in your silly human mind and manufactured meaningless constructs.

Nature can be a little cheeky. I like nature, she’s fun.

And so I tell clients not to change anything but I invite them to notice. That’s it. Notice your natural flow and how you process your experience with Life. Would you say you were in our out of natural flow? And what’s it costing you and others to be out of flow?

Life is always in flow. Where else would it be? Your task, dear reader, is to notice the natural flow of Life, wonder about it, and then join it. Change nothing. And yes, you will feel you are “changing”. Why? Because you’ve been so used to being out of flow, you’re going to feel different.

Different does not equal change.

And guess what? There is nothing to change because you are already in flow. But you and all humans resist flow and so you create a construct that humans call change and formed a relationship with it.

Humans form relationships with many things, change is one of those things. And you try to manipulate, control, force, comply, or resist…change.

And why do you form a relationship with change? So you can justify how “hard” it is, whine about it and complain about how some people need to change, but not you. <Somebody calls the “whaaa-m-bulence”>

Change can be difficult to be in relationship with. Are you sure you want to go down that aisle with her/him/it? Of course, change is “hard”. It’s because change is an exacting lover in all her/his/it relationships. She demands all that achieving and getting it right and avoiding getting it wrong. My recommendation is to let go of your relationship to change.

Let go of change and let in flow.

What if you stopped changing anything? What if there is nothing to change? How would you direct your energy instead?

Imagine resting in your natural nature. You know, the nature of your young human self who knew how to tap into Life without effort. Well… until all those “mature adult” humans spoon fed you all those diminished limiting beliefs you believe about Life.

Consider it’s not about change, it’s about subtraction. Is “letting go” change? No. It’s letting go. You may have an urge to insist that “letting go” is “changing”. Focus on the energy, not the manufactured construct.

Why would you want to change, anyway? That sounds like a lot of energy and sounds exhausting. Releasing (letting go) sounds way more relaxing, don’t you think?

When you let go, you create space. You create the space to create. What are you creating in this space to create? Nothing. The space of nothing. No effort. No change.

Life doesn’t call you to change. Life calls you to create desired outcomes in service to your flourishing. But you’ve still changed nothing. You’ve created. “But that is change!” you insist. Nope. That is manifestation.

To manifest is “to show plainly, to discover or disclose”; not change, but to show plainly or see clearly. When you think you have to change, all you are doing is moving a pile of stuff around. Maybe you shuffled some things from that pile to this pile. “Oh, that feels better.” Does it?

When you let go of change and your relationship to it, everything… uhhhh… changes. You shift the focus of your energy from change to manifest desired outcomes.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? “I’m not changing anything. I’m using my energy to manifest desired outcomes! Look at me being all creative and stuff! Yay me!” Some call that the power to create your Life. When you manifest, you use your precious energy for a new purpose.

When you try to change, you stay stuck in an endless, exhausting change loop (nightmare). Your relationship with change is a trap. Sometimes humans call that “structural conflict”.

When you focus your energy on creating desired outcomes, you live in flow with Life and you manifest (see) what wants to be created through you.

You become an instrument of Life, instead of living the nightmarish human manufactured construct called change. You stop forcing your life, and you join a natural flow to manifest what wants to manifest through you.

But ya gotta watch out for those creatures that call themselves humans, coz they mess things up. Humans manufacture unnatural constructs that pull them out of flow with nature and exhaust themselves, believing they gotta change everything and everyone (except themselves). “If only this rainforest wasn’t here, I could grow more coffee beans and make more money!”. Silly humans.

Don’t you think, dear reader, It’s time to ex-change change for flow so that you manifest (create) your life? Go ahead and “X” out “change” to rest in flow.

When you decide to shift your focus on change to manifest… your resistance to Life diminishes. There is nothing to resist, there is nothing to change.

Consider Life isn’t about change. It’s about being in your natural flow and joining the natural flow of Life to manifest your life.

You hold the power to create your life – stop trying to change it.

About Philip Cave 2 Articles
Phillip is someone who finds fascination in the animal that calls itself human. And so he leads a practice that he calls DearHuman.LIFE. DearHuman.LIFE serves the purpose of writing, podcasting, teaching, coaching, and guiding humans. On what? On the nature of being human. Less drama, more flourishing. Way more awareness of their motivational tendencies. Less reacting to Life and more creating from Life. Phillip holds certifications with the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach and ICAgile as a Certified Teacher to Enterprise Coaches.

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