eXperience Agile 2020 conference Part 1 (World Agility Forum)

This year, for the first time, the eXperience Agile conference was held in a “hybrid variant”, given the situation with covid, very brave. Namely, the conference is being held in Portugal, Lisbon, and whoever was able could join. For the rest of us, for the first time, an ONLINE version was organized so that we could follow all the activities live. Of course, there were also lecturers who could only get involved online. All in all, great organization, 8 workshops and 12 hours of agile topics per day, as well as more than 30 lecturers.

This conference is divided into three major thematic units:

• World Agility Forum 26-27 Sep (3rd edition)

• Agile Human Factors Sep 28 (2nd edition)

• XA – eXperience Agile 29-30 sep (6th edition)

In this article, we covered a two-day event, the “world agility forum”. It is a global program that addresses the efforts of individuals and companies to implement the agile way of working. It helps them think and behave differently to bring maximum value to the user and become a “game-changer” in the global economy.

The first day began with an introductory speech by Steve Denning panel on Agile philosophy and how agile works. Afterwards the first panel entitled “The Future of Software Development” began. Participants exchanged their views and views. The panelists were Chet Hendrickson, Ken Pugh, Lisa Crispin, Chris Lucian, Woody Zuill and Llewellyn Falco.

After a short break, the second panel on “The Future of Management” began, with great guests: Michael Clarkin, Steve Denning, Curt Carlson, Doug Kirkpatrick, Raymond Hofmann. All participants agreed that leaders are key bearers of all changes and implementation of agile mindset within the organization. After the break, the participants in Lisbon had a gala dinner after which we rejoined to watch the WAF 2020 awards ceremony.

The second day began much more dynamically, with an introductory speech by Darrell Rigby, who talked about the implementation of agile in corporations, about the complexity and the most common mistakes that lead companies to fail to implement agile transformation. Then, great panelists, Howard Sublett, Joe Justice, Nigel Thurlow, Evan Campbell, Michael Lurie exchanged views on “The Future of Organizations.” Everyone agreed that companies need a quick reaction and business agility in order to better adapt to the new business environment.

The next panel on “Agile: Where are we going from here?” brought together experienced guests: James Hannon, Sally Elatta, Michael Grove, Dean Leffingwell. A very interesting topic that was accompanied by a very dynamic conversation.

The last panel addressed the topic “Future of Work” and brought together experts of this field: Ana Smalley, Diana Larsen, Fabiola Eyholzer, John Rudd, Joseph Pelrine, Mirko Kleiner. What is certain is that the business will change drastically in the future.

As yesterday, Stuart Young shared the key messages with the participants, through his great visual graphics.

The second day ended with the Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony.

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