eXperience Agile 2020 Conference Part II

The second part of this large hybrid conference (live and ONLINE) included two large units

• Agile Human Factors Sep 28 (2nd edition)

• XA – eXperience Agile 29-30 sep (6th edition)

In the first article, we covered the World Agility Forum. The next day began with the Agile Human Factor conference. Agile is undoubtedly connected with information technologies and it is difficult to escape from such a concept, but teamwork gives it that real competitive advantage. Of course, company culture makes a difference, while technology makes us equal. This conference was designed to help us understand that mixing these two things leads to innovation and creativity, and tried to respond to these challenges by using techniques for working with teams: Leadership, Psychological Security, Tok, Continuous Feedback and others.

After the opening of the conference, we had the opportunity to be really surprised how agile philosophy is in use in the Portuguese army. Techniques, tools and experiences in working with the participants were shared by members of the Portuguese Navy, the Portuguese Army and the Portuguese Air Force.

The morning part contained five simultaneous workshops, and visitors could choose one from each block of workshops.

After the lunch break, the lectures continue.

Fabiola Eyholzer talked about how to survive in a “human” economy, Pia-Maria Thoren why management based on psychological security gives the best results, and the basics of team psychology presented by Joseph Pelrine. Lectures continue with Diana Larsen and Dave Snowden.

After a short break, the afternoon block of workshops started, also 5 simultaneous, 90-minute ones on the topic of Agility.

At the very end, a very interesting format “Lightning talks”, a series of short speeches by people from the agile world, the world of entrepreneurship, but also numerous professors.

The conference ended with live music and cocktails.

The next, fourth day of the XA conference, started under the name “Business Agility”. There is simply no need to explain how important business agility is in the business of a company. One of the best answers to a complex business environment is business agility. That is why the fourth day of the XA conference was completely dedicated to this area. This day of the conference started in its recognizable format. The block of lectures, the block of workshops, the block of lectures and finally the block of afternoon workshops filled the whole day with quality content.

What are the alternatives for HR managers in the future, How to use Agile in sales, How to create a budget in an agile organization were just some of the questions that many lecturers in the field of agile work and agile transformation tried to answer. This day also ended with a retrospective and a “light” 15-minute sharing of the experiences of companies and individuals.

The last, fifth day of the XA conference, had the task of answering how agility can be used in technical processes, both in IT and in companies with a traditional way of managing. “Technical Agility” had the honor to host the Secretary of State of Portugal for Digital Transformations. This is followed by four simultaneous workshops on retrospectives, Kanban applications and testing. The afternoon part of the conference continues in the rhythm of narrowly professional lectures and workshops.

The very end is reserved for summarizing impressions and a great retrospective of this great event. The organizers of the event hope to see live with the participants next year, and for us to sort out the impressions and teachings from the conference.

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