Lean Innovation Summit – Rotterdam

After a great „Unconference“, a pre-conference, the expectations ladder was raised to a much higher level. That made quite an impression on the organizers, too.

The official speaker of the conference was Justin, a development lawyer from New York. He is a master of ceremonies, a conference organizer and a community leader, a passionate technology lover.

He introduced Willemijn Welten, a great speaker who was able to unite the energy of all the people in the hall through group meditation with all the conference participants.

What an experience!

The conference is gaining momentum when Thijs Sprangers of We Work and one of the participants in the organization of this conference appeared. He introduced the participants to the work of We Work and the strategic goals in the development of the startup eco community.

And then the creator of Business canvas model and great speaker and motivator, Alexander Osterwalder of Strategyzer, came on stage. He talked about indestructible companies, which were later found to be non-existent. He talked about organizations like Amazon, Ping An or Logitech, which manage to cope with the daily challenges of doing business by redeveloping their business model. How do we integrate growth into company DNA?

How to create a team whose strength will be in diversity and function as individuals. This is what Lars Crama has told us. He likened the winning team to an action series from the 1980s, where all the characters were clearly defined and very easy to relate to today’s team structure.

After a lunch break, we attended a workshop led by Louise Fuglsang and Tracy Rolling of Futurice. How can we redesign the product and create an attractive ecosystem of services that will increase value and competitive advantage. They presented a set of tools that combine Lean, Design Thinking and Agile.

Lectures poured into different halls and classrooms so that all participants were in the place to choose from great lecturers and diverse topics.

We later escorted Lina Yassin, from Deliver Hero. She talked about how we can scale company culture as the biggest challenge companies face. What is the role of agile business there? How to use Health check to use set tasks and goals as the main driver of change.

Then came a debate on how to build a platform for innovation in a corporate environment. The participants in this discussion were Aleksa Vukotic from TheStartupFactory.tech and Conny Dorrestijn from Bankifi. They talked about true practice, without much theorizing, on their business examples and the mistakes they made.

Daniel Groos showed us how simple and unburdened the burden of technical innovation is in a brilliant presentation “Good enough innovation”.

Is innovation dying? How endangered is the budget planned for innovation in large corporations?

These and many other questions were attempted by Brant Cooper of Moves The Needle. He was also the speaker who closed this year’s conference.

What’s to say in the end? Great energy, halls full of innovators and people eager for new knowledge and skills. Good organization and a great city, Rotterdam, were fertile ground for new ideas and innovative approaches to business. Next year, in March, Lean Innovation Summit is moving to Berlin. And there’s nothing left to say about that. Because that is the city of innovators, great companies, and nice energy. See you in Berlin next year.

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