Nordeus Booster program

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend one great event held at the Nordeus Hub. This is a “Nordeus Booster” program, organized for the second time by the Nordeus company from Belgrade.
The agenda was tailored to the environment and the needs identified during the first cycle. So, on the first day, on Saturday, we had the opportunity to hear the details of the program itself and then to get to know the participants more closely.

After that, a “work” part took place, where participants of this program got the opportunity to present their game and its business model through a specially developed canvas.
At the end of the first day, Ana Pegan held a workshop called “Who are our players” through which participants gain a better understanding of the target audience they are addressing.
The second day began with a lecture by Milos Paunovic on the market and the facts that make the gaming industry so special. Then the participants go into a deeper analysis of their project, with the specific elements that the game would contain as well as the draft visual elements.
After lunch, the participants had a key task, to “break” their strategy into concrete milestones and define their activities for the next six months, which is the duration of the program.
This program was run in front of Nordeus by Milos Paunovic, who will below present us the whole idea a bit better.

Milos Paunovic

The reason we started the Booster program, was to support gaming teams in Serbia on their game-making journey by offering them Nordeus Hub as a co-working space for everyday work, mentorship support, tailor-made workshops, and a peer community.

The pilot of the program was launched back in September 2019 with six teams and more than ten individuals participating. During the program, more joined and some new teams were formed, so in February we ended up with ten teams in total who made five games in just six months. The pilot program was launched with an idea to get a better understanding of the needs of the community in order to help us create even more tailor-made programs for them. With all the learnings from the pilot, we made the 2nd Booster only available for teams, introduced the Booster kickoff that Srdjan wrote about in his report, and created a set of workshops that will support all the participants in the best possible way for their game-making process.

In the 2nd Booster, we have 18 teams who now have six months to build their games before they are exhibited at the Games Showcase event in September. During those six months, they will have mentorship support from people at Nordeus, and the gaming community. Plus, they will go through five workshops tailor-made for them: Project and Team Management, Test Your Game, Build Your Community, Publishing, and Pitching.

We are looking forward to September when we will get to play all these amazing games!

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