Play4Agile conference

Last week, an ONLINE conference was held, called Play4Agile, a unique conference dedicated to team games, which are applied in the Agile world, but also much wider.

What is more, this conference is held every February in Germany and hosts a large number of agile game lovers every year.

This year, due to the situation with Covid19, it was held online. On the one hand, a big handicap due to the way the conference has been held so far, in an Open space environment, with a lot of socializing and collaboration of all participants. On the other hand, a great opportunity and a chance to involve more people interested in this type of education and socializing. Also, this event gained global significance, considering that people from various parts of the world took part.

How is this year’s Play4Agile conceived?

The whole event was marked by a “cauliflower”. Cauliflower consists of florets. Each floret was led by a gardener. The gardener assembled the team in the floret and was responsible for creating the game within it. There was a total of 12 florets. The farmer was the person who organized the team of gardeners and synchronized the activities between the florets. Each floret consisted of a maximum of 10 members of the Play4Agile community.

The event lasted for three days, in the so-called extended weekend mode.

It began Friday at 2 p.m. with the opening of the event. Over the next two days, this term was used for a retrospective and discussion of what was good yesterday and what we can improve today.

Then each floret retreated to its (zoom) room from 3pm to 6pm and worked on developing its team game.

The reunion of all members and participants of the conference started at 6 pm and lasted until 7 pm. Then each floret would have the opportunity to present the mechanics of their game in their “zoom” room, answer the questions from visitors and organize testing of the game to interested participants.

At the end of the day, as befits, all participants gathered again to spend quality time together, socialize and exchange experiences in a truly relaxed atmosphere.

Impressions of this three-day gathering are more than positive. Starting from the idea, the imagination of the organizers, all the way to the implementation and the energy that could be felt throughout the event. Making a remark that they hope that next year will bring us socializing in a physical environment at a well-known location, the organizers have announced the date of a new gathering scheduled for 17-20.02.2022.

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