“SERVE” A Model to Grow Self-Awareness on Servant Leadership

“Instead of making plans to win the trust & loyalty of the team, Servant leaders focus on helping them to win their own Fears, Frustrations & Pains to uncover their true Potential”

Janani Liyanage

Welcome to Servant leadership article series. In my previous post I introduced servant leadership and its critical need in corporate world.

In this post I intend to introduce a model for servant leaders to reflect on their own journey.

Servant leadership begins with a purpose to serve people. These leaders inspire their followers through their course and intention to grow the teams. As a result, they earn trust, credibility and moral authority then, through command and control, which is the approach for authoritative leaders.

Any leadership begins with “Self-Leadership”. Self-awareness is crucial to ignite your self-leadership towards the servant leadership. SERVE Servant leadership model helps you to have a self-talk to awake your inner guidance and self-leadership.

“Instead of reading more books on leadership make an attempt to decode your true self by uncovering your values, principles, and blockers towards self leadership. Then read those books. All will start making more sense” Janani Liyanage

As much as you serve others, it is important that you serve yourself to be a great servant leader. Ignite your own growth mindset before you continue to do so with others. Below is a model to awake your inner guidance towards servant leadership. I invite you not to use this as an assessment or a plan. But this is to have a conversation with yourself or with a coach. Once you have this conversation, I will introduce you how to assess your self-leadership followed by a plan.

In the upcoming articles, I will elaborate on each of the building blocks of this model with useful frameworks, tools & templates to thrive in each of those areas. So, get your favorite beverage ready and prepare for a deep and meaningful conversation with yourself.

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