Web Summit Lisbon – day 2

To continue with the summit, two exciting days ahead of us. Speakers on 22 stages in 5 halls continue to be arranged.

Former footballer, Eric Canton, who spoke on the “Sports Trade” stage, drew a lot of attention. By the way, Eric Canton rarely appears in public. He appeared with Common Goal co-founder Jirgen Grizbek and spoke about efforts to unite the global football community, thus addressing some of the greatest social challenges of our time.
Ruby Zefo, Uber’s chief executive of privacy, spoke about data and security preservation in the vehicle-sharing system that Uber is promoting.

Also, Booking gave a lecture at its booth, announcing some news regarding business.
• What are global trends regarding traveling
• Digitalization, personalization and machine learning
• Why it is important in business to use all available resources and not to rely solely on digitalization
• It will also get involved in supporting startups, through its Booking Booster program.

Kevin Weil, VP of Calibra, who introduced the new Facebook product, also presented the benefits of this product and the increasing of participation in the global economy.

If you have access to the Internet, today you can access many free or cheap programs and applications. But when it comes to paying, storing, or spending money, the caretakers are not so one-of-a-kind. Millions of people still do not have access to even basic financial services. Calibra hopes to respond to this challenge with her digital wallet for Libra. Libra is a new global payment system based on blockchain technology.

Kristina Lemkau, from JP Morgan Chase, talked about artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies will help make marketing more humane by responding to the specific, individual needs of each user.

Kate Brandt, Sustainability Officer, Google tried to give an answer to the question of the role of modern technology in the impact of climate change

There were many well-known names at the conference, including the celebrated boxer Vladimir Klitschko, the heavyweight boxing king. In the lecture he talked about how important the challenges are to personal development and how he managed to meet them, both inside and outside the ring.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, spoke on the current topic of Brexit, and compared it to a story that has no end.

Samsung introduced its startup story, called Samsung Next. Experts from their team gave a series of lectures dedicated to startups. In this way, Samsung wants to help people moving into their businesses so that their lectures are focused on answers related to the functioning of startups. How to get investments, why startups need to talk not only about money but much more about the idea, how much Europe is a good ground for startups and more.
One big fashion house showed off their laser device that can “etch” whatever you want on their clothes.

Another great athlete and famous footballer, Ronaldinho, attended the Teqball press conference as their ambassador. He also promoted their new app, Sqiller.

On the PandaConf stage, Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, spoke on how technology companies will regain our trust –
On stage dedicated to developing new ways to use transportation, there were plenty of companies launching their startups in the electric scooter, bicycle or the car industry.

MoneyConf, the stage where experts in the field of finance and financial technology have alternated, was constantly packed with people eager to see and hear what the future of banking brings us.
Raja Rajamannar – The Executive Director of Mastercard spoke about how to brand and promote financial services because, as he emphasized, they are not as popular with the majority of the population.

“The power of experience” was a topic addressed by Alicia Tillman, SAP’s director of marketing. How important a personal relationship with each customer is, as well as regular communication and interaction with him, is best known by companies that are constantly in touch with their customers. Alicia used to say that before a firm gets into such a big deal, the company needs to develop a deep understanding of its employees why it is important and how they can affect any changes that occur in the company.

One very interesting topic that would be troubling all parents is the “addiction” of children to the Internet and the virtual world of communication. That is why the lecture by Craig Donato, CEO of Roblox was very much attended. He talked about how to gradually create a community of content creators for the youngest and how to carefully allow children to access such content. In recent years, Roblox has grown into a massive online platform with more than 100 million users. The users of this network are children up to 15-16 years old, and content creators are teenagers up to 21 years of age who are most familiar with the population this platform addresses.

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