Gimme back my bullets

There’s a song by Lynyrd Skynrd entitled Gimme Back my Bullets. It came to mind when I was thinking about this post and I thought I’d share that backstory with you.  This is a follow-up […]

Applied business

What makes a great team?

Being a part of a team doesn’t mean working together and finishing up tasks and projects. It represents a unity that every single member can count on when it’s hard or share their successes and […]


Business agility

Today’s business environment is very complex, if we take into consideration several parameters. It is equally uncertain for small companies as it is for multinational giants. Until just a few years ago, having large working […]


Play4Agile conference

Last week, an ONLINE conference was held, called Play4Agile, a unique conference dedicated to team games, which are applied in the Agile world, but also much wider. What is more, this conference is held every […]


Team Up with an Agile Coach

Findings from the first-ever State of Agile Coaching Report Making significant team and organizational changes that motivate employees can be challenging. That’s where an agile coach comes in. In late 2020, Scrum Alliance and the […]