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    It is a well-known truth that there is no quality job done without teamwork. From the business aspect, but also in the wider social context, association and teamwork are the basis of every task set [...]
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    Leaders are enablers of change

    The essence of agile philosophy consists of two inseparable areas, agile processes (doing agile) and agile values (being agile). Both are equally important for an agile culture to take root in an organization. The implementation [...]
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    What makes a great team?

    Being a part of a team doesn’t mean working together and finishing up tasks and projects. It represents a unity that every single member can count on when it’s hard or share their successes and [...]
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Team Up with an Agile Coach

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Findings from the first-ever State of Agile Coaching Report Making significant team and organizational changes that motivate employees can be challenging. That’s where an agile coach comes in. In late 2020, Scrum Alliance and the [...]