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    New solutions in the world of work

    Jelena Žikić HR Adriatic Director & Mina Miljković HR Manager Under the social innovation lab, we run short-cycle innovation projects to design and test new solutions that have the potential to change the world of work. These [...]
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    How to be a coach in the digital era?

    We live in interesting times. Digitalization is not just a trend, it is reality. We are actually already on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which, as described by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, [...]
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    Why So Many Enterprises Fail at Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is more than digitization. Digital Transformation combines the creativity of Design Thinking with the rigor of Lean Startup and the discipline of Agile. The methodology centers on three principles, which I call the 3 E’s [...]
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    SAFe for your “safe” business

    What SAFe does mean? I had an opportunity to attend SAFe training and find out. I was at two-day training held by Bojan Milutinović in cooperation with Agile Humans. This is the second generation of participants in [...]
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    4th Agile Serbia Conference

    For the fourth time in the row, Agile Serbia had organized a conference, the biggest agile event in this region of Europe. The mayor note for this event was “let discover how Agile makes the difference creating [...]
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Can innovation be learned?

These days, innovation is a fancy, buzzword. For most people, it is a really blurry area when it comes to talking about innovation. As for companies, it seems that they are aware that being innovative and invest in their people is necessary in today’s competitive marketplace. But, the main question remains, can innovation be learned? I attempt to answer this question in this article. Using simple, but very effective lean methodology, we will do an experiment, validate and learn from it. My experiment was to attend the Innovation Management Academy, which was organized for the second time in ICT Hub Playground. Also, I will make a report from this event using lean product lifecycle stages which are: Ideate, Explore, Validate, Grow, Sustain and Retire. DAY 1 – IDEATE The first day and I [...]