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    Be Careful What You Choose to Measure

    This article was originally published on the Lean Startup Co. blog By Lean Startup Co. Education Program On Thursday July 26, 2018, Facebook set a dubious record: The value of their shares plunged 19% erasing $119 billion in [...]
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    About exploration

    Sander, please tell us something about yourself? Hi, I am Sander Hoogendoorn, born 52 years ago in the Netherlands. I am a co-parent to my three kids, aged 23, 19 and 14, which teaches me a lot [...]
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    Upskilling for a digital world

    PwC’s latest Talent Trends 2019 report is launched as part of PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey. The report has some really interesting data, which look at the issues around reskilling, upskilling and the future of work. [...]
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    Lean Innovation Summit – Rotterdam

    After a great „Unconference“, a pre-conference, the expectations ladder was raised to a much higher level. That made quite an impression on the organizers, too. The official speaker of the conference was Justin, a development lawyer from [...]
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    Unconference day Rotterdam

    On the day before the conference, there was also an official pre-conference on the side, called “Unconference”. The idea of this, we can surely say, the great workshop was to get the participants of the Lean Innovation [...]
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Exploration in coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools for people development. Using coaching methodology, we could even say philosophy, may help in many areas of our life. In business, we learned to ask the right questions, focus on the customer or be brave to experiments with uncertainty and unknown outcome. In private life, we learned to be patient, how to love unconditionally, how to set long-term goals. When it comes to the process of how to coach someone or how to coach the team, we could write about many different approaches. No one wants to be judgemental and say which approach is correct or which isn’t. Or even shouldn’t be. But, we can follow a certain path in the coaching process and this is an only recommendation, not a rule. First, we need [...]
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Build to Lead!

The Lego® Serious Play® methodology was designed as the response to a very important challenge that LEGO Group encountered in the mid-nineties. The challenge was […]

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O Bella Ciao!

New, February printed edition is coming soon. Exclusively, just an editorial teaser below. Editorial I was sitting on a train in Berlin’s metro thinking about […]