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    Culture eats innovation for breakfast

    Innovation is driving engine of sustainable growth if you’re doing the right things the right way. To think that you might be away from innovation hype if you’re operating in Serbia, especially in traditional industry such as [...]
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    The best companies are composed of the best people

    Mr. Čadež, CCIS is an important institution in the business environment of Serbia. What are your key activities? In recent couple of years, owing to the reform and modernization of what is now a single chamber system, [...]
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    A coach in Berlin

    A coach in Berlin, at a Lean Startup conference? Lean Startup is one of the biggest IT conferences in the world. Many IT specialists, entrepreneurs, start up founders … and a coach. At first, it was strange [...]
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    O Bella Ciao!

    New, February printed edition is coming soon. Exclusively, just an editorial teaser below. Editorial I was sitting on a train in Berlin’s metro thinking about the Lean Startup summit, an innovators’s summit taking place in this city, [...]
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Connections for better and more favorable business

For the beginning of this interview, could you tell us how the AMM was established? The project itself started back in January 2008, when the Montenegrin Confederation of Managers was formed. Simply, these initial steps pointed to the need to form a strong, well-organized institution of leaders and managers with a clear vision of Montenegro as a state of knowledge and high-quality human resources. The initial idea grew and was institutionalized in October 2013, when the Statute of the Association of Montenegrin Managers was adopted and and the leadership elected. How many members does your organization have and how do you communicate with them? The Association has grown from the initial 20 founders to an organization that, through individual membership and membership through the Business-Company club, now has more than 300 members. Our [...]