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    Change or Transform

    Imagine two stone age villages, Lindin and Piras, of similar size and at the same stage of development. Their villagers have and use routinely the same six basic tools: big hammerstonessmall hammerstoneshand axesstone flakesbone awls [...]
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    When we declare that all aspects of the journey are valuable, life becomes precious! – Marylin Atkinson We, people, go through changes all the time. Then, what is our perspective of change under the present [...]
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    Creating change through Powerful Interactions

    After graduating from the Dutch Royal Military Academy, I was trained to become an intercept controller and learned to guide fighter aircraft to their aerial targets. I guided Dutch pilots and those of our NATO [...]
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Web Summit 2021

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Finally, Web Summit was in-person again in Lisbon. The Web Summit is definitely one of the biggest tech-summit in the world. We had an opportunity to be part of this big event, and listen to [...]