• Applied business

    True leaders inspire others to grow 

    What are the characteristics of a true leader? Well, there is no specific and complete set of characteristics that make a true leader. It varies and depends on concrete context and circumstances you happen to deal [...]
  • Applied business

    Bringing your human side to work

    Work-life balance. The dichotomy that follows us around from the ‘70s is still here and as complex and delicate as ever. At the end of each day, we’re told to “disconnect”, leave our work at [...]
  • Coaching

    What is impact?

    As we sit in a coffee shop on a beautiful September afternoon in midtown Manhattan, we reflect on where we are now and where we would like to go next. With both of our careers [...]
  • Applied business

    Just Impact

    Impact [Verb] = to have an effect on something or someone.  Such a simple term with so many complex nuances & understandings.  I’m here. On earth. But why? Why am I here? What am I [...]