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    4th Agile Serbia Conference

    For the fourth time in the row, Agile Serbia had organized a conference, the biggest agile event in this region of Europe. The mayor note for this event was “let discover how Agile makes the difference creating [...]
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    Berlin and developers

    Berlin, again … In February, I was on the Lean Startup summit. Great event, a lot to learn. I went there as a coach, and return as a coach with a totally different perspective. This time, my [...]
  • Coaching

    Holistic mindset in the business environment

    World’s research shows us that any investments in training to improve skills, performance increasing, sales and communication skills too, etc, are not sufficient anymore. All trends in the world, in the field of corporate training, require employees, [...]
  • Business knowledge

    Dare to innovate

    A team, as a group of individuals, has a really big impact on business. No matter how big a business is, the team is a crucial factor in it. Leaders, however, often have no time to deal [...]
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    Agile leadership, what is the difference?

    Last week I was in a really interesting event, called “Certified Agile Leadership” course. It was a two-day course, really intensive and powerful.    In the following lines I will share, I hope, some interesting learnings that you [...]
In the Spotlight

SAFe for your “safe” business

What SAFe does mean? I had an opportunity to attend SAFe training and find out. I was at two-day training held by Bojan Milutinović in cooperation with Agile Humans. This is the second generation of participants in the only open training in the Serbian language so far, for the official worldwide recognized certificate. The first day, through introduction we have got the agenda of the training, Intro is very interactive and goals of attendees are very different. Through problem recognition and explanation of 5 key competencies, we’ve started SAFe map implementation. But, first things first. SAFe is based on three primary bodies of knowledge: Agile Development, Lean Product Development, and Systems Thinking. That makes SAFe broad, deep and scaleable. But at its core, SAFe places the highest value on four things: alignment, built-in [...]
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Build to Lead!

The Lego® Serious Play® methodology was designed as the response to a very important challenge that LEGO Group encountered in the mid-nineties. The challenge was […]

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O Bella Ciao!

New, February printed edition is coming soon. Exclusively, just an editorial teaser below. Editorial I was sitting on a train in Berlin’s metro thinking about […]

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Renaissance Leadership

Throughout the years, while working with leaders, I had the opportunity to meet various challenges. In addition to the personal challenges that each leader brings […]