• Coaching

    What is impact?

    As we sit in a coffee shop on a beautiful September afternoon in midtown Manhattan, we reflect on where we are now and where we would like to go next. With both of our careers [...]
  • Applied business

    Just Impact

    Impact [Verb] = to have an effect on something or someone.  Such a simple term with so many complex nuances & understandings.  I’m here. On earth. But why? Why am I here? What am I [...]
  • Coaching

    Business to the Power of One

    I’ve often wondered about Mr. Franklin’s rather concise list of certainties. Specifically, why he never thought to include change in his account of what we can expect in this life. Maybe it’s because if you look back [...]
  • Coaching

    Coaching with and for courage

    Do you know the two ways of translating vulnerability in sign language? One is two bent fingers resting in the palm of the other hand – signalling ‘weak in the knees’ and the other one [...]
In the Spotlight

Global Scrum Gathering Lisbon 2022

by Srdjan Pavlovic in Agile 0

Lisbon, finally again!  Global Scrum Gathering Lisbon 2022, organized in person by Scrum Alliance after a three years break. Day 0 The unofficial part of the conference was the Lisbon Guides retreat, a great format [...]