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    Innovation Management Academy

    DAY 5  SUSTAIN Finally, day 5 has come. This is the last day of the very intensive Innovation Management Academy. We continued with Afonso Rebelo de Sousa with a very interesting topic, “Corporate startup”. Groups were presented [...]
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    Unsupervised Learning・Executive Coaching

    You are now observing the results of the invisible war of information. I am sure many of you managers have been hearing for many years now that 40% of the existing business models will be replaced by [...]
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    Renaissance Leadership

    Throughout the years, while working with leaders, I had the opportunity to meet various challenges. In addition to the personal challenges that each leader brings into the process of coaching, a common practice area are the expectations [...]
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    Lean in Berlin

    It has been a while since I was in Berlin, at the Lean Startup summit. In my first article, “A coach in Berlin“, I shared my experience from a coaching perspective. The main question was: “What would [...]
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    Effective Teams are not Efficient

    Your favourite football team is playing a game. The goalkeeper rarely has a need to move, let alone touch the ball – the rest of the team plays in the other half of the field. Players are [...]
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Speaking – one of the ways to grow your coaching business

How did you become a coach? In my first career, I wore a lot of hats. I led a professional development program for arts educators, produced the New York City Student Shakespeare Festival, and taught women’s studies and public speaking at several colleges. When my now-husband asked the question, Will you marry me?, I knew my answer was yes. And, I also knew that I needed an answer to a much more important question before I said I do. I needed to answer the question, Who do I want to be before I get married? I wanted to stop splitting myself in so many different directions – despite how interesting each was. I wanted to stop under earning, and I wanted to be able to make more impact in people’s lives. Within one [...]
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Talent management

At present, there is a lot of talk about talent management. What is talent management to you? Two things. First, how to spot talent, and […]