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    Web Summit Lisbon – day 1

    Web Summit is claimed by many to be the largest technology conference in the world. A very serious statement that is confirmed by the figures this year: 70,469 participants from 163 countries, while 46.3% are female. Visitors [...]
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    Hooloovoo – story of success

    History of Hooloovoo Hooloovoo was officially established in June 2016, but the story started a few years before. At the end of 2014, after working for more than 2 years as an external contractor for company called [...]
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    Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019-day 3

    Day 3: As expected, the third day announces new thrills. Starting at 9 am, great workshops and lectures took place and it was really difficult for the participants to decide who to choose. There was a little [...]
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    Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019-day 2

    Day 2: The following day, a completely different face of the conference. The layout of the large Strauss Hall was completely different as well. Everything was all set for the participants who wanted to hold a workshop, [...]
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    Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019-day 1

    First day: They say that Global Scrum Gathering is the largest gathering of people who use Scrum in their daily work, but also of people who are involved in agile transformation. This year, Vienna had the opportunity [...]
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Web Summit Lisbon – day 2

To continue with the summit, two exciting days ahead of us. Speakers on 22 stages in 5 halls continue to be arranged. Former footballer, Eric Canton, who spoke on the “Sports Trade” stage, drew a lot of attention. By the way, Eric Canton rarely appears in public. He appeared with Common Goal co-founder Jirgen Grizbek and spoke about efforts to unite the global football community, thus addressing some of the greatest social challenges of our time. Ruby Zefo, Uber’s chief executive of privacy, spoke about data and security preservation in the vehicle-sharing system that Uber is promoting. Also, Booking gave a lecture at its booth, announcing some news regarding business. • What are global trends regarding traveling • Digitalization, personalization and machine learning • Why it is important in business to use all [...]
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Talent management

At present, there is a lot of talk about talent management. What is talent management to you? Two things. First, how to spot talent, and […]